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Dissolving BCAAs


whats the best way to dissolve powder bcaa? when i try to mix them they just stay afloat even after shaking.


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heaping tsp, mouthful of water. Drop into mouth and mix around. This is how i ingest them, eventually you have no problem with the taste of unflavored BCAA.


It's so funny seeing this post come back up, as I myself posted this exact same question a couple months ago.

As lzqosoz94 suggested, just dumb a heaping teaspoon right into your mouth. I wouldn't suggest swishing it around, though, because then you still have to deal with the taste. I may have misunderstood exactly what he was saying, but what I do is I dump the teaspoon in my mouth, and then I chase it, typically with water, but any flavored liquid will make it easier.

I don't even taste the BCAAs this way. They are in the mouth, the mouth fills with water, and then down the hatch. No pain, all gain.


i have just been mixing them with water and them adding lime juice. the lime helps them mix better and gets rid of the disgusting taste. try it.


Xtend brand, tastes great,dissolves instantly in a shaker bottle


i used to spend the time positioning/ anticipating the tsp of BCAA and swallowing the water as i dumped it in to avoid taste. I failed many times and eventually learned to embrace swishing the bcaa around my mouth. Didn't misunderstand what i said Obsidian.


warm water, more water than you think, shaking and giving it a bit of time. i used to use lemon or AC vin when i had it... anything that can break surface tension will help


powered bcaas tastes like satans ballsack, try the tabs instead