Dissolving Aromasin in Alcohol Possible?

Hello guys! Is it possible to dissolve aromasin(Exemestane) in alcohol like arimidex(Anastrozole)?
The reason I ask because with pill cuter its not 100% accurate and I almost instant crash my Estrogen. Thank you in advance.

I think it is, the problem is that the pill cutter will likely be more accurate than your solution.

Yeah, you can do it that. Or you can get a milligram scale and measure it that way

So, this begs the question, how low are you trying to keep your E2? What is it now, and have you left it untreated in the past and had negative sides?

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The only way to be 100% sure of what dose you are taking is to get a MG scale. It’s also much easier. Whether or not you need to be taking that shit is a different question.

Here’s the one I can vouch for.

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Well sir. I’m self prescribed TRT user. I didn’t do blood work for almost 6 months due no insurance but that is different story. I know symptoms of high and low estrogen the way it effect me plus swollen nipples, wedding ring comes of from finger easy, erection problem, depression,looking flat, no appetite, I can keep going !!! All this symptoms I experience on my self. Yes sir I know what means over res pander that why I’m asking question and I joined this forum. Right now my estrogen crashed with 150mg of Test Cyp once a week split it with 2 injections Monday and Thursday + 75 mg of proviron I’m using it instead of AI plus better sex drive, better mooed, and more! My plan i want to increase my test to 180 mg per week maybe 200 mg and keep taking provorine but in case of high estrogen symptoms will occur I will love to bring back aromasin at low dosage 1/8 from 25mg pill which is impossible to cat with pill cuter!!!

I will definitely keep that in my mind its just I would like to just experience with dissolving aromasin in alcohol just for my self schooling I hope that makes sens buddy. Thank you.

This is a really long thread but worth at least skimming. The author is a former forum member who also was a TRT doctor and a steroid using competitive bodybuilder.

He hated AI’s and only allowed his patients to use SERMs. The issue is not with high E2 but with the ratio of T to E2. Estrogen has many positive benefits but you need corresponding high T too.

Simple rule to follow :
High E + High T = good
High E + Low T = bad
Low E + High T = bad
Low E + Low T = bad.

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Thank you sir and I do understand about Estrogen it better to be high then on low side and I’m not trying to be perfect with numbers but I also don’t want to start feel bad side effects from it :slight_smile: I will definitely read that thread sir.

Yes that definitely makes no sense. Weigh it out and take exactly the right amount vs dissolve in alcohol to school one’s self. Different strokes

DeX let’s say from 25mg pill I want to take 1/8 so its 3mg will that scale give me that measurement? Thanks buddy in advance


Yes you weigh the whole pill then take that weight and divide by 8 so you have the weight of 1/8 of a whole pill. Then you add the chopped off parts (razor blade comes in handy) of the pill up until you get that amount. You can also crush the pill and measure powder. The scale comes with a powder holder thing (looks like a small bowl with a spout) that is removable so you put the pill pieces/powder in it and put it on the scale so once you have the correct amount weighed out you can easily dump it in your mouth, a capsule or whatever.

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Dex thank you very much bud! You schooled me something good :slight_smile:

I take my time and actually cut the Aromasin into 1/16 size parts with a sharp razor blade. Being so minimal in dosage size, I can take 1/16 (1.5mg) every day at the time of my daily test & hcg injections. They do not end up perfectly equal in size but get pretty close, and over a week’s time I still end up taking basically half a pill. I do not feel a difference if the pill is maybe 1.3 or 1.5 or 1.7. If I take a piece that is a slightly larger one day, then I take a smaller piece the next to balance it out. So far, this has worked better for me as far as how I feel then taking 1/8 a pill when I needed which was EOD or E3D.

Stay away from my thread ! Plz dude, thank you!

The thing is jJsmith I’m over responder maybe I need to dose every eo2d or eo3d