Dissolving Anastrozole Without Alcohol?

I’ve been on T for about a year now and things are going well overall. I’ve always had to micro-dose anastrazole as I over respond like some of us do. I’ve lost about 35 lbs of body fat so far and have had to reduce my anastrazole dose since I’m not converting as much T to estrogen. In parallel I found out that I suffer from atrial fibrillation and that my trigger is alcohol (even very small amounts). My question is about dissolving anastrazole…as I’ve historically used Vodka to dilute it so I can dose correctly. What other liquids can I use to dissolve it? I would prefer water but not sure how long it would remain stable? Anyone have any input other than telling me that this small of an amount of alcohol doesn’t matter? Thx much!!!

How low is your dose? I know you can get 0.1mg compounded.


I’ve checked and they can go as low as .08

At this low a dose, are you certain you need it at all?

Unfortunately I do. Highest dose I took was .05. I’m very sensitive to anastrazole and still need it for elevated estradiol.

I dont think you need any Anastrozole. Taking Dimm or microdosing would be a better option.

I should also add daily lemon water to the list. It has been shown to lower Estrogen or Aromatase in some men.

I’ve tried Dimm. It wasn’t enough. I appreciate the thought but I’ve been experimenting for over a year and everyone’s body is different. Wish I didn’t need it. Trust me. Just trying to find and answer to my original question about diluting it on water and how long it’s good for. Not sure what you mean by micro-dosing? .04 is as micro as it gets. Thx.

Microdose your T injections. As in dailies

I inject eod already.

Not the same thing. I used to do twice a week, EOD, and eventually daily. But go ahead and keep doing what you’re doing, to many its a big inconvenience to even try. Nothing I can do about that.

Hey man - did you end up figuring this out?

Just curious, what are the downsides of anastrazole? Comments in this threat give it some negative connotation, but i’m not aware of what bad side effects/impacts it may have?