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Dissolved Glutamine

I take a bottle of water with me to the gym (duh!). In it, I put around 10 grams of glutamine which I drink during my workout. It takes me about an hour to finish the bottle.

Now, here’s the problem: I know that Creatine turns into usuless creatinine if not consumed immediately after dissolving it. Does the same thing happen with glutamine? Should I avoid dissolving it at once? I don’t drink it pre-workout because it might interfere with the absorption of my whey and BCAA that I take 40 mns and 10 mns prior to the workout respectively.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Liquid Amino Acid Conspiracy:
A thread I started I got this reply It may be helpful to you as well

consumer wrote:
this is not true at all. what your "pro"s are referring to is called hydrolysis, specifically peptide bond hydrolysis. Although it does occur to a very very very minor extent in protein solutions that may sit, it is extremely minor in a pH neutral solution.

Also, even if it did occur, it does not render the protein or the amino acids liberated by hydrolysis, useless. The amino acids will not be “destroyed” or chemically altered in any way in a pH neutral solution, it’s an extremely rare event. In fact, you would think it is a godsend in that it is “pre-digesting” your solution for you, easier absorption. Liquid isosmotic solutions have a greater propensity to be absorbed quickly.