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Dissolve Supplement Powders?


Is there a reason that we should be trying to disolve the powders of supplements into liquids or does it really matter? I am thinking of creatine, BCAAs, glutamine, ALCAR, and tyrosine specifically, but I am curious about the others also. Thanks.


Are you suggesting to just throw the powder into your mouth and swallowing?
I don't suggest you try it.


Surge tastes good that way.

Do you suggest not doing that because of digestion or potential for it not to be digested, or just the coughing reason?


I do thjat with creatine, followed down by water...
HAve yuou ever tried putting protein powder in hot water?! dont, it doesnt dissolve it forma ca cake which is nasty as hell, like rubber! :frowning: urgh


The coughing thing. I would think that if you inhaled at just the wrong time you would suck all that powder into your lungs. That wouldn't be good.


This is the stupidest question I've seen in a long time.

Why ask such a stupid question and not even give a reason why you are asking it?