dissociated constipation

About 4am the other day (didn’t check the time) I woke up to pee, but I didn’t pee much and noticed I had to evacuate. This was weird because I did before I went to bed. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I got up to take a slam and it didn’t move, and I can’t remember how long it’s been since that happened. Water and fiber intake had been more than sufficient, and the same as the days before that, the two days prior to the event. From the time I awoke to urinate until I went back to sleep I was in a dissociated state. This somewhat resembled a lucid sleepwalking dream, but more resembled dissociative drugs. I strained the impactment and it left, but part of the dissociation made me think extensive amounts were moving out when it was really only a small amount moving back and forth. I noticed when I got up that it was very little, but I felt much emptier after doing it and could go to sleep. This hurt for the following days. Finally, my question is do you think the atypical state of consciousness I was in could have caused this? Were some muscles fired to hold it in that should not have been? Were others firing that told me I had more there than I did? I have never noticed purposely altered consciousness affecting bowel movements.

I don’t understand what you are talking about.

WOW! That is really wild. This type of question is a first for me. Phantom dream crapping. I have nothing I can offer you and I don’t know why I’ll do this but the responses will be interesting so- BUMP.

How amusing lol. Just made my day.

My advice? Stay on your meds…

Hahahah…that was fuckin’ hilarious. Weird wild shit (no pun intended)!

Ok, here’s my take on your “situation”. When we sleep, there are inhibitory neurons firing that prevent muscle movement for the most part. This isn’t exactly functioning over 100% of the body or 100% of the time, since we do move in our sleep, and when your dreaming you undergo REM.

So my bet (though I don’t really have anything to back this up) is that in your dissociative state, some of your neurons were misfiring. Furthermore, since you didn’t have much of a backup, there weren’t a lot of neurons firing in order to get sphincter relaxation. (Here’s an example of neurons that won’t normally be relaxed even during sleep thank god!) This caused the “popping in and out”. And finally, the feedback mechanisms to your brain were confused because of the neural misfirings and unalert state of your brain. Much like having your hands in warm water, and then placing one in hot and one in cold water…the signal gets confused and you feel them opposite.

The brains a wonderful thing ain’t it!

Here is what happened. You had to shit and you didnt want to wake up so you stayed in that inbetween state. Its happened to me quite a few times. Stop panicking.