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dissecting fat free yogurt


Most of the fat free yogurts I've found use aspartame and fructose as sweetening- for about 120 calories, 16 g of sugars and 8 g of protein. Obviously the sugars includes milk sugars, but I'm not sure of the ratio. I'm not too keen on the fructose- short of making my own yogurt, has anyone ever found a sugarless fat free yogurt? And on the flip side, how bad is the fructose in fat free yogurt?


Moderate amounts of fructose aren't a problem for most people. Way too many people get hung up on worrying about a little fructose.

However, if you're worried about carbs, why not get unsweatended yogurt and mix in some GROW!. It tastes great this way.


I gotta back the unsweetened/plain fat free yogurt mixed with chocolate grow. I also throwing some berries every once in a while. Something I have been trying with my Cottage cheese but I imagine will work with yogurt is to add a touch of extract to them. I like to use strawberry extract with choclate grow, but orange works well too (tastes like one of those choclate oranges that you smack on the table and break into pieces), mint, almond, and coconut also work for a change of pace. You can find them in your grocery sections usually right next to the vanilla extract.


Kemps makes a fat free with out fructose, I can't remember which one but there is one


When I eat Yougurt, I eat the regular type. Anything man puts into yougurt will not help it!

Man made Twinkies
God made Broccoli


Publix has fat free plain unsweetened.