Dissapionting Meltdown\T-dawg diet results

Before starting this diet and program i was probably around 8% bodyfat, at about 155, comming dwon from over 200, the diet i was on was probably made up up 75-80% protien. I introduced carbs to quikly in an attempt to maintain, not even bulk and i put on a substantial amount of fat. Enough that i had to cut again.
I got my body fat tested. i’m 5’7’’
I weighed 169.8lb, 16.6% bodyfat. I had 28.2lb of fat mass, and 141.6lb of lean boyd mass. I started meltdown 1, with the t-dawg diet. After 17 days, 3 weeks of training. In my next test, i weighed 155.4lb, had 11.2% body fat, 17.4lb of fat, and 138lb of muscle.
Today i had my final test. I weighed 153.4lb, had 11.3% body fat, 17.4lb of fat, and 136lb of muscle. On calipers i came in at 13.1%, the guy said the scale #'s are porbably more accurate because he wasn’t expeirienced with calipers. I had plans of gradually shifting over to massive eating, to give my self a break from calorie restirction, and to get some carbs. I also planned on using poloquin training principals. but am i to high(bf%)to begin massive eating? or at least gradually shift over? add about 50 cals a day, and a 5% increase in carbs each week?
any imput will be appreciated.

Did you loose muscle mass in the last cut? Your stats indicate that you did. Maybe you cut for too long and caused your body to start storing fat and burning muscle up. Yes increase the carbs a little. Your body is going to be in shock and store those calories quickly so I suggest using some sort of prohormone and working your ass off so that those carbs go towards mass recovery and not fat storage. Look towards elevating t-levels quite a bit while reintroducing carbs. Also another suggestion… use creatine for a bit. Added carbs while cycleing creatine may help you actually utilize those carbs more efficiantly. Plus creatine needs carbs to be absorbed to any effect so it’ll work out well. True they have low carb creatine delivery systems but if your adding them anyway just add the creatine as well.

upping this…and im going to add that i was training bjj 3x’s a week. I followed the supplementation regulations 15-25 grams of creatine, 25 grams glutamine, 10 grams bcaa’s. i took eca stack, and ala before cheat meals. and the funny thing about me losing the 5lb of muscle, i gained a good amount of strength

im going to add creatine and ala…and very slowly introduce. I never got tested but i must have lost some muslce during the first cut, but again…i lost all that weight, but i got stronger.

Those “scales” can be very unaccurate! The question is, how did you look after the program? Did you do before and after pics? That’s what really matters.

Not sure on what you mention by ‘scales’ though I personally find electrical impedence a pretty accurate way of measuring BF. In one afternoon, I had BF read first by one sports trainer with callipers, second by some pleg on a 'basic’tanita impedence ‘scale’ (maybe similar to what you mentioned??) and thirdly, by a sports nutritionist using a standard scale, along with an electric impedence (lying down) device hooked up to a pretty refined software program. Standard prep applies to all electric impedence testing: prior 24 hours, lots of water, no caffeine or exercise. The first and third tests were pretty close, though you do need to have someone well skilled in using callipers or it’s a total waste of time and money. I guess as previously mentioned in this post, you tend to ‘know’ how well your BF is by using a mirror and feeling in general. Diet-wise, not sure how many calories you’re on, as this does affect result regardless of ratios (Protein, Carbs, Fat etc)…as you probably know. Have you tried a Ketogenic or Fat Fast diet mentioned on this site? At the end of the day, the idea is to bulk, and stripping is therefore best performed for 2-3 weeks. Any more than that, and I start cutting into muscle reserves. There’s plenty of info on this site, and you’ve done well to achieve your current overall weight, so try a few different options.

i look pretty good.i can see a six pack.i dont look bad. Im just pretty angry about the msucle loss. I looked best around the end of may though. I’m going to add 350 cals a week and try to bring some muscle back. I think i might have hit a body fat set piont back around may or june. But i introduced carbs to quik, as i said above and put on to much fat. But i’ll learn from it, that i can’t re-introduce carbs to fast after a lo-carb diet.

You said you were already using creatine? Some of that muscle loss could have been off cycle water volume. If it is, that would concur with greater strength and a smaller yet tighter look after cycleing off creatine. If so your doing great and probably haven’t lost any lean mass at all!

Yes reintroduce carbs very slowly and probably step up your workout as a buffer. I just began doing the T-Dawg diet while cutting. I screwed up the other night and had half a cookie with half a glass of milk. I read one pound heavier this morning! Doh! I know thats impossible but water retention because of it explains it all. No wonder carbs are fast energy!

ive been on creatine for a wile. You intitled to that cookie…under t-dawg rules you have a cheat day, even though i only incorporated a cheat meal, and in my last week used a controlled carb up.