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Disrupted sleep on GH

Im fairly new to gh so any input welcome…
Started gh again this year ramped it up quickly no problem to 10iu e3d split in 5x 2iu taken i.m along with my course. Everything fine except so tired i wake up every morning between 3:30-4:30am mind switched on thinking away like ground hog day, then up at 6am for work. in bed 10pm.

I have a physical job 8hrs a day then train 3 times a week mon,wed,fri for 1hr-1.5hr so on the go all day solid.
Have no problem falling asleep thats easy.
Tried changing bed time forward and back seems to be 6hrs into sleep either way but its not enough for a man who normally needs 8hrs solid sleep. Ill survive but want to see if anyone can tell me why???

From what ive read it should be the other way round plenty of good quality sleep like a baby no problem.
Its not the gear ,dont have unwanted stress in my life and have clean living in good tune with my body so can pin point it to the gh.

About me, im 31 6’1 110kg more into strength training. Ive been training on and off for years taking it serious for 2 years now. long history of AAS, started gh begining of last year on chinese blues didnt get on with it had fatty liver for 1 thing so stopped.

Tried pharma grade later in the year ramped it up slowly had next to no sides, but had same problem from as low as 2iu but got up to 8iu e3d taken i.m, but with the Christmas season approaching knocked it on the head to get some well earned sleep.

current course runing for 4 weeks
150mg stanozolol ed
140mg test p ed
100mg tren a ed

Have you had bloodwork done while on the HGH, specifically thyroid tests?

Booked in for next week, i always have them done before during and after cycles. And with the last time on gh got them done and all was fine.