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Disproportionate Squat


I am currently doing the 5/3/1 program which I am really enjoiyng and getting some good results. At 170lbs BW I have reached 220lbs bench press pretty easily and am well on my way to 400lbs dead lift, however, I am really struggling on the squat. It has been suggested to me that 300lbs squat is a good bench mark for someone like me, right now I can squat 240lbs and only to just below parallel for 1 rep (not good enough!). I feel that 300lbs is very long way off, or even unachievable, while the other lifts are progressing well. Is there any reason why my squat might be disproportionate? Any advice in improving this?


Well, for starters, have you done a form check? I'd recommend the EliteFTS "So You Think You Can Squat" videos.


Well, 315 will be a long way off with that kind of mentality. Why do you think it is unachievable? Many can squat that, why should you be any different?!! 5/3/1 works well, so don't be discouraged by the apparently slow progress. I think you need to have an attack mentality where you seek to own that weight.


hey Jsid, I had a similar problem and the elitefts "so you think you can squat" video's really made a difference, as did the "so you think you can bench" which honestly is much more problematic for me than the squat. Good luck and shoot for the 1000 pound three lift total...get aggro and lift strong.


Post a video of your squat. With a somewhat challenging weight. At least 200 pounds on the bar. I suspect a technique issue.


How tall are you?