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Disproportionate Pecs!


Could somebody help me on building even pecs! My right pec is bigger and squared shaped, my left pec is smaller and round.


lmao.....I think we need pics.....

One-armed DB Bench Press?


Thats a tough one.

One arm dumbell press
single arm cable fly
single arm pec dec



Most people who ask this question are beginners who are imbalanced because they haven't gained much mass at all and their bodies are simply used to one side doing more than the other in daily life. The worst thing they could do is start training only one side more than the other. Bilateral exercises and TIME, along with the concept that they actually need to gain some muscle will usually clear that problem up.


Totally agree. If you did 1-arm whatevers for chest, you'd never be able to tell when they are equal in strength, + your other bigger pec could just get smaller. Just do flyes, presses, etc, and just make sure you aren't using your right arm more. In time, as X said, they will even out.


Cool point and good to know X. I really didn't realize that.

I know my right arm is a little bigger than my left. I guess I need to switch to my left for jacking off now. LOL!



Woah! That was more than I needed to know!


Yeah. TMI. Too much information.

My real question is what to do for the center of the pecs. I think its genetic, and a hot debate, but I would really like to try to do something to help it out. And no peaks on the biceps. Ouch.