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Disowned by Parents / Change Name?


Has this ever happened to anyone? I'm seriously considering changing my name now that it has happened to me. The only thing preventing me is that I feel like I've made my own mark on my last name between college and my time in the Corps. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with the idea?



Don't let your parents have that kind of emotional power over you to go and change your name. Make the name better than he ever did. Your Grandpa and ancestors never did anything wrong to you, so you would be hurting his legacy too.


The Coopers are always looking for another member of the family......


I am an only child and have 2 daughters......

You could be a valiant man and accept my name...."SON!"


I imagine the break in your personal record would be more of a pain than sharing a name with others. Many professional women - doctors, academics, scientists. lawyers, etc. - do not change their names because it bisects their professional records.

Consider applying for every job and having to explain that you changed your name and hoping the person who is matching your transcripts and discharge papers knows/remembers this before they chunk your file in the trash can.


John Strongcock


Do you have a lastname in mind?


I agree with Rockscar 100%. You owe it to your ancestors, all those before you who contributed to who you are in flesh and blood, to carry on their name in their honor.


May I suggest..

Craven Moorehead
Gene Poole
Mike Raffone
Myles Long
Willie B. Hardigan


Pedro Gutiérrez


LOL, my vote for manliest name ever.


I always wanted to be Thrusty Poundersnatch, my wife hates when I check into restaurants under Poundersnatch.

Seriously I'm with Rockscar.


If you think doing it will hurt them, don't do it. They are not worth the effort. Your name reflects who YOU are....your accomplishments....your uniqueness (is that a word), your proud service in the Corp. Sorry this happened.

Or, hey, you could get married and take HER last name....that'd be new age-y, granola-y..... :slight_smile:


What the hell did you do to get disowned?


I've gotta say, I really agree with Rockscar and everyone else who says you should keep your last name.

However, if you DO change it, you better change it to either Eastwood or Dastardly.


Ares Skywalker




Max Power


Im curious as well.

Dont change your name. Its a pain in the ass and your ancestors fought hard to get to the point of passing their blood all the way to you,dont destroy it.


Yes...do indulge us.