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Disolving Arimidex in vodka

Can someone please tell me the correct way to do this? I know KSman covered a few times but I can’t find the post…I am taking 1mg/wk in split doses and tired of using my pill cutter. Is there a way to incorporate the arimidex into my EOD schedule once in liquid form? (see below)

*Presently on 100mg test cyp/wk taken EOD and HCG 25 iu taken EOD. E levels are in check!

Thanks in advance.

Put 5 tabs in 5ml if vodka, shake. A graduated dropper would be handy. In any case, you need to count the drops per ml and calculate drops per dose. You cannot use the drops per ml of water, it does not work that way.

If filler of pills leaves a sludge, shake before dispensing and counting drops per ml. The anastrozole will be totally in solution.

If that works for you, you can make larger batches.

Add dose to a shot glass, add water, drink, chase with more water to get residual from shot glass.

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Thank you but I’m still not sure how to dose after dissolving all that arimidex…I want to dose 1mg/wk taken EOD. Maybe I’m too stupid or can’t process right now but I’m not getting an answer from your previous post.

Is there an easy way to figure this out. Once the 5 tabs are dissolved in the 5ml vodka how much would one dose be? I am using a 3ml dropper (broken down in 1 ml 1.5ml 2ml 2.5ml 3ml)

There are some RC products with graduated droppers that have around 28 drops per ml, you count them. A glass dropper and plastic would have a different number.

With 28 drops per ml, if you take 8 drops EOD, that is 8 drops/dose X 3.5 doses/week = 28 drops/week = 1mg/week.

So divide your drops per ml by 3.5 and that is your dose.

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Wrong thread! Please see PCT thread

1 mg per ml

count the drops per ml, adjust math as needed

if 28 drops per ml, 8 drops EOD would be 1mg/week [28=8*3.5]

It is also soluble in water, if you’d rather not have all that vodka.

Anastrozole is almost insoluble in water. Dissolves well in alcohol. Can be dissolved in some mixtures of peg/glycerine but I do not have any specific info about that or if heat is needed. With pills, there will be a sediment from fillers and the product needs to be shaken in any case. Alcohol will prevent bacterial growth as well.

My advice is for Adex over-responders, which the OP is not, but this seems like a good place to post.

We’re really interested in how many drops per mg, so working in mL just adds an extra layer of conversion. If we go mg -> mL -> drops, we have two conversions instead of just mg -> drops. Plus if you need to tinker with the concentration, it can be tough to measure 1.15 mL depending on your pipettes.

It is much more time consuming but I count the number of drops I’m adding rather than use mL. Since I’m taking less than 1/4mg per week, I only go through this process twice a year. For those on higher doses, who won’t be in E2 hell if their concentration varies a little bit, save the time and use mL.

I also found that the tablets dissolve and stay in solution better if I double the amount of vodka making the concentration half strength, and then dose double drops.

When I bought bottles for making liquid adex, I bought the cobalt blue ones because they were the cheapest and I thought they looked neat. I wish I had bought clear. It is hard to see how well everything is mixed through the colored glass.

The pills dissolve well on their own. You don’t need to crush or cut the pills. I just put the pills in and within twelve hours they are gone. I usually shake the bottle to help them along, but that’s my impatience.

`Curious, is this the type of bottles and droppers most use for mixing and dosing AI in Vodka?

Perfume Studio Calibrated Glass Dropper Bottles for Essential Oils - Pack of 6 15ml Boston Round Clear Glass Dropper Bottles Plus Free Perfume Sample Vial (.5 Oz, Clear Glass) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ACRWEQ8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_8BCozbSZK83QW

Those are very small 1/2 ounce, larger would be easier to handle.

You think the one oz is better for mixing?

The part about counting the drops per ml, that is in reference to when you actually go to measure out your dose, and not in the actual creation of the mixture, correct?

I can just measure 5ml of vodka in a measuring cup, dump the 5 pills in, shake, then I would count how many drops per ml there are, and adjust accordingly. Is that correct?

Also, if I wanted to take 1/4 of my current dose of 0.25mg, that would be 0.0625mg, rounded to 0.06mg. If theres 28 drops per ml per mg, then I would need approximately 2 drops, correct?

I usually don’t like to revive old threads, but I noticed that the thread is spanning multiple years anyways. So my question is regarding dissolving Arimidix in something other than alcohol? I cannot consume any alcohol and I would appreciate an alternative. I found some liquid arimidex sold online from some underground labs, I would like as much as possible to avoid those for the following reasons: 1) I don’t really know what I’m getting or the potency 2) most of these places go out of business every couple of years, so its not a permanent solution 3) I currently have a prescription for arimidex, which means between my insurance and my wife’s insurance I get 100% coverage, you cannot beat free.

thank you