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Disolving Arimidex in Vodka Questions - KSman?

Smirnoff’s finest. I’m taking 4ml a day, won’t hurt me.

My impression is that if you are injecting, your highest T is at time of injection, that’s why people dose AI at the same time. Given the half-life involved that breaks down if you aren’t injecting 2x/week.

That’s the conventional wisdom, but there is a lag time between sq injections and peak T levels. I’m sure this is just an academic exercise, I was just thinking out loud.

I have concerns about uneven dosing when dissolving anastrozole in vodka. I find that it doesn’t so much dissolve as become suspended in the liquid. I can shake the mixture, but within seconds the anastrozole starts to accumulate at the bottom of the bottle. This means that when I’m drawing into a dropper, I can’t be sure just what concentration of the medicine I’m getting.

Any input would be appreciated.

I’m pretty sure the sediment at the bottom of the vial/dropped bottle is filler from the tablets, not Anastrozole.

I hope this is the case. Thanks.

I use water as solvent and I don’t have any issues. I give the bottle a good shake before dispensing.

I finally found a good thread on this subject for anyone interested: here. KSman lays it out, stating that anastrozole is soluble in alcohol but not water, and that the solids I’m seeing are in fact filler, as @naysayyer said.

One other important piece of information is that the number of drops per mL in a given dropper will be different when using vodka vs. water. This means I need to adjust my dosing because I’ve been using a dropper that dispenses at 56/mL of water, but only 43/mL of vodka. In other words, I’ve been overdosing by about 25% for the past week!

1mg pill into 8 ml water or 8 ml vodka yields the same concentration of arimidex. I don’t know what you are talking about with your dropper and concentrations.

Dosing with a dropper requires you to know how many drops it dispenses per mL of liquid. My dropper dispenses 1mL of vodka in 43 drops. Since I’m currently dosing 0.225mg E2D, that means I need 0.225 x 43 = 9.7 drops E2D.

Is it not a pain to sit there and count 43 drops out?

I’ve been drawing up 0.1ml for 0.05mg (0.5mg/ml) and inject that into a shot gloss which I then dilute with water.


Damn dude, spend a few bucks so you don’t have to count drops.

I have a graduated cylinder (no glass, dishwasher safe) a few pipettes and a bottle with a graduated dropper. Easy. All in, maybe 20-25$ and that was getting spanked by my local sci supply store.

I’m only counting 9-10 drops, not 43.

It’s not about money. I’ve got a graduated ‘apothecary dropper’, basically a pipette with a large bulb on top. It turns out it’s inaccurate, so counting drops is a better alternative.

Having said all this, I’m now debating just getting some insulin syringes and using those instead.

I find it a lot easier, I’m sure you will too.

What do you think of placing 10 one mg tabs of arimidex in a 10 ml syringe, then draw up enough vodka to fill it up to 10 ml. Then cap it off and let it dissolve. That would make it 1mg/ml. Place it in the fridge, uncap it on dosing day and draw off .25 ml with an insulin syringe (for a .25mg dose). Squirt that in a shot glass and dilute to taste with a bit of H2O. Then recap the 10 ml solution, and place back in the fridge.

Why are you overthinking this? Its not Chemistry class in college…
Get some small glass vials with caps , put 10 ml of Vodka in it, then drop in 10 Mg anastrozole. Let it dissolve, it doesnt take long.
Get these:

These are about 6 inches long and extremely accurate.The numbers are backwards, zero is at the top line. You fill the dropper to the zero, then squeeze out the required dose. You can easily squeeze out .1, or even less. Its very accurate…

Thanks, I think that is a pretty good way of doing it,
but is it easy to draw up draw up exactly one ml, so that when you dispense .25 ml the remaining .75 ml shows up exactly on an indication line?
I already have 10 ml syringes and feel it is very simple, not overthinking, to take out the plunger, place in the tablets, draw up vodka to 10 ml, then use a 1ml syringe to draw exactly .25ml for a dose of .25mg.
Pretty simple, no pipettes necessary, stores easily with the 10 ml syringe capped.
Your way is also good.

The alcohol will prevent any bacterial spoilage so life of the solution is not an issue.

So, I placed 5 one mg pills in a 5ml syringe of vodka. There is a lot of sediment, more than I thought. That’s all filler?
Also, I don’t need to store in the fridge?

Hopefully the last question on this topic. After I dissolve 10 mg on 10 MLS of vodka, can I let it settle and then draw off the top 9 mls, leaving all the sediment behind.
I am having some issues with the sediment blocking up my insulin syringe.
Just want to clarify that the drug should all be dissolved evenly within the solution and I can leave the sediment behind.