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Disolving Arimidex in Vodka Questions - KSman?

It’s something I read about on here a few years ago, at the time I was able to get a very accurate microdose from a compounding pharm but that’s not an option for me anymore so I’m looking to self compound.

The question is
, will it be AS accurate?

I take 0.075 a day - I cannot help but get paranoid thinking that the small amount of solution would be innacurate because it would stick to the my drinking glass or even the sides of my mouth??? So I never really get the full 0.075 and it slightly changes every time. Am I over thinking it?

Anastrozole is very bio-available.

Put drops into a shot glass of water and drink, add water to glass to get residue and drink that. If 1mg/ml that would be 1/13 ml. Drops of that will too crude. Make a 1mg/10ml solution and do math on that after counting drops per ml.

So 1mg/10ml would mean 0.05mg = 0.5ml of the solution, right?

If the above math is correct
I am thinking of making a 1mg/50ml solution so that 0.05mg would equal 2.5ml of solution. I’m thinking that would minimize the effect of any slight residual loss.

Would a 1mg arimidex pill evenly dissolve into 50ml of vodka or am I missing something?

I am using a dropper bottle but will be using an insulin syringe to make sure I know the mls I am using rather than counting drops

Thanks for the help

I measure out 14ml water in a graduated cylinder. Then I add the water and 1mg tablet to a dropper bottle that has ml markings on the dropper. Then 1ml/day equals out to .5mg/week. I keep the bottle in the refrigerator.

Every day, I shake the bottle, then dispense 1ml of solution into a small glass, drink it, then fill the glass up with water and drink that too.

Hasn’t been a problem for me.

Yay for high school chemistry. Always remember to measure the bottom of the meniscus for accuracy.


Most will have to make-do with measuring with syringes.
Anastrozole has scant solubility in water, dissolves well in ethyl alcohol. But depending on how the tablets are made, there will be varying amounts of sediment and shaking is suggested in all cases. Note that alcohol will prevent possible bacteria problems. There were problems discussed here around 8 years ago about research chemical anastrozole products that were dropping the anastrozole out. Some other methods such as glycerine, peg and other carriers can work well. Water does not, but one must shake well. There are several ways to skin this cat.

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Sorry to bother, did my latest post make sense?

For accurate measurement of small volumes you can use a piece of lab equipment called a micropipette. You can get one for ~$60 on ebay. They come in several sizes. So if you wanted to dose 0.075mg of 1mg/mL you would use 0.075mL which equals 75uL. To do this accurately you would need a micropipette that works in in the 20uL to 200uL range. This is what I use. You can get disposable tips for them very cheaply on ebay as well (~$15 for 1000 tips = 1000 doses = ~3 years!). This way you don’t need to waste all of that vodka!

How to use a micropipette:

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Yep, bacteria was a concern for me, so I keep it refrigerated.

There’s a scientific supply shop in town, a graduated cylinder cost me 15$ for a 25ml clear plastic one. I’m sure online you could order one for a few dollars from China.

While I have used a micropipette before (woo, HS biology electrophoresis panels) I would be somewhat concerned about sediment (there is some) and variability between such small doses. I’d assume that more solvent would result in more accurate doses.

But hey, if it works, that’s another option…

Your math seems correct to me. I don’t know how large the orifice is on an insulin syringe, you may have problems with sediment clogging the needle.

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Since you would only be taking a small amount of the total solvent off the top, to don’t need to worry about the sediment. Just let it settle after the tablet is dissolved. And with regards to variability, I think you will find MUCH more variability in measurements made with a graduated cylinder than those made with a micropipette. So long as you are within the range of volumes for which it is calibrated, a micropipette will be as accurate as a syringe.

That being said, a graduated cylinder is great for a budget solution!

I think I’ll get one if I can find on UK eBay. Do you personally use this for arimidex? What’s your dose? I have no doubt your method would be extremely accurate. My concern with small doses (small volume) is the loss of solution from glass to mouth to stomach rather than the measuring process.

Do you just squirt the arimidex into a glass of water ?

And I must shake the solution before drawing my dose?

1mg would dissolve evenly into 50ml just like it would 1ml?

When my e2 is high like it is now, I’m anxious as hell

Thanks for the info

Thanks. I already ordered two sets of syringes



Do you think any of these would be OK?

Those would work. Use them without a tip and you shouldn’t have any problem with clogging.

Depending on your solvent, I’m not entirely convinced that the sediment isn’t the active ingredient.

I seem to be having success dissolving 1mg in 14ml water, but KSMan’s caveats are real (bacteria). I do have concern about smaller amounts of solvent dissolving all the active ingredient. I’d have to do a bit of research on arimidex before I personally went under 10ml of solvent. I know nothing about the saturation levels of arimidex in various solvents.

Yep. I use a micropipette for arimidex. I take 0.1 mg EOD. I buy liquid anastrozole (arimidex) at a concentration of 1mg/mL and use the micropipette to add 100uL of liquid to a glass of water. Then I drink up, add bit more water to catch the residual drug, and drink that. If you are dissolving pills in vodka, then you need to shake well to make sure the drug is dissolved. But it’s ok to let the sediment settle after you shake initially as the anastrozole will stay in solution.


If you can get liquid arimidex, I retract my caveats about micropipettes.

I’d still really shake the bottle before dispensing.

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Thanks again for the help

Do we need to pulverize the anastrozole tablet before mixing with vodka? Also, how long does this solution last? Should we make a month’s worth? A week’s worth? Thanks.

No need to smash, it should dissolve on its own within a few hours. You can stir it to speed the process along. Kept in the fridge and covered this should last months when done with vodka.

Great, thank you. Here’s another question. If I’m currently taking 0.5mg of anastrozole twice weekly with my T shots and I need to add another 0.3mg to my protocol, does it matter when I take the additional dose? IOW can I add the 0.3mg vodka solution at the same time I take the half tab of anastrozole? Should I take the vodka solution between shots? Does it matter? Thanks.

If it were me, I would simply add the 0.15mg doses to the already twice per week anastrazole 0.5 dose, increasing your dose to 0.65 mg’s twice per week.