Disney's Agenda Leaked

Skip to 4:35, 5:38, 7:00, and 8:15 in first video.

Nothing against Shapiro, I’m actually a huge fan. I just dislike watching videos of people’s ‘takes’ on other videos. I don’t need the narrative to shape my opinion.

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I didn’t see it with Shapiro, but thank God my kids are grown. I have no reason and will not patronize anything Disney. They can fuck themselves with that grooming shit. You have to wonder why it’s so important to the left to talk about sex stuff with little kids? I am curious, because that’s normally called grooming, except when a disney show does it? No, fuck no. I hope they lose money. It’s hard to tell, a lot of people don’t care, don’t pay attention. But this is insanity.
And for the record, in the interest of free speech, I defend their right to make their gay, woke garbage. I also defend the right to rake them across the coals for it.
The world has plum lost it’s mind.

I would be willing to bet Alex Jones has a few related comments to this, but I don’t want to come off as the conspiracy theorist here.

It is unwise to make bold claims that you cannot support with evidence


Gestures wildly at everything

What more evidence do you need to confirm that the owners of your country aren’t on your side?


I think what he was saying is that Alex Jones is a little over the top. I actually had never even heard of the guy until the MSM was celebrating his banning. What little I did see, I was not a huge fan of. Not cause I necessarily disagreed with everything, but I don’t like people shouting at me.
Unfortunately, much of the things he was written off as a conspiracy nut bag for, has come true. There is a whole cabal of “damn it Alex Jones was right again” made up of folks who previously didn’t like him.
But that’s it. That’s the sum total of what I know about him. I don’t know why they banned him, he seems as dangerous as a house fly. Annoying maybe, but over all harmless.

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Alex Jones is a raving lunatic who somehow managed to monetize it. However you don’t need Alex Jones to see that sexualizing kids and pushing transhumanist garbage is some evil shit.

Sure. Which is why I don’t know why the left found him so dangerous. That’s what it sounded like to me. I went through my ‘raving’ stage early in life, I wouldn’t have watch him even had I known about him, because I don’t care for conspiracy and I don’t like ‘raving’ especially. I don’t care for over emotional people blathering loudly.

That’s for sure. They are doing it in our faces. Like opening our mouths and ramming it down our throats. Thank God my kids are grown… Disney can fuck itself. Loonytoons and the Flintstones are better anyway.

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His diet pills apparently make you… checks notes… red.



Yeah, I’m not repping Alex Jones as 100% reliable, but he does bring up points (that are often correct) that no MSM outlet is willing to run.

That being said, his presentation is usually what makes him look so bad… Typical AJ format:
-Makes ridiculous claim (#1)
-Provides evidence why it is legit
-Makes another ridiculous claim (#2)
-Provides evidence why this one is legit too
-Makes yet another ridiculous claim (#3)
-Goes off on a tangent and doesn’t support it with evidence.

And the media attacks him because of claim #3. Not defending him, just bringing up valid points. I don’t listen to him or go on info wars, but I do listen to Joe Rogan and Jones has been a guest a couple times… They are some of Rogan’s best episodes tbh.

P.S why anyone would buy a diet pill from someone who obviously needs to go on a diet is beyond me


I think this is kinda a if you make enough claims, some of them end up being true type thing. I don’t follow him either.

The last I have heard of him is recent though. He has been in the news about a defamation case brought by the parents of the Sandy Hook kids.

I have seen some things about Disney lately. Haven’t looked into it enough to really comment with my own thoughts.

And if you follow what MSM tells you, like I used to, you’ll write Jones off as the A-hole that doesn’t care about Sandy Hook kids. In reality, he has apologized hundreds of times for his suspicions and renounced his original opinions. He also explained that most of what MSM quotes him on about that situation was him reading emails sent to him while covering the topic, but technically he did say it - although he simply repeated what others were saying to him.

To his point, he has more viewers than Tucker Carlson (who has the highest viewership among MSM), so most MSM outlets go out of their way to discredit him as legitimate competition. Kinda the same thing for Joe Rogan.

Not trying to be the defender of conspiracy theorists here, just saying that a good bit of context and explanation is needed before following the belief that Alex Jones is a crackpot. He’s crazy, and admits to it, but he’s also right a lot more often than anyone in power wants him to be.


I did not know that. I knew Rogan had lots of viewers (more than most MSM content producers).

I kinda enjoyed the Jesse Ventura conspiracy show. I watched it with my grandma a few times (she loved it haha). He was governor of my state.

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If you care to, researching stuff like “Stellar Winds”, “Bohemian Grove”, and Jeffrey Epstein… These are all things that Jones said well before anyone else was saying it. Bohemian Grove was his first claim to fame in like 1999(?) when he snuck in. Stellar Winds was verified by Edward Snowden via WikiLeaks. Epstein’s island being used as a center to compromise the rich, famous, and powerful so they toe the line when asked.

I used to write him off as crazy and that all conspiracy theories were bull, but there are honestly quite a few that turn out to be true. It may not even be the majority of them, but as Alex Jones often says, you should question everything.

Sorry, truly wasn’t trying to come out as the conspiracy theorist - it just relates to the topic because these practices that Disney are using would be considered “grooming” for things like Epstein’s island.

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I thought everything from Snowden was also a conspiracy theory. How can something be verified by another conspiracy theory? I’m so confused.

Funny how there hasn’t been a bunch of arrests of Epstein customers, isn’t it. lol

Nothing to see here, folks.


Because he leaked official CIA and NSA documents verifying what he claimed. So it’s not so much Snowden verifying it, its more that he released documents that verified it.

To your point though, most conspiracy theories can only be verified via other conspiracy theories… which doesn’t exactly help either claim.

Gosh. Not being seen as a conspiracy theorist is one of my biggest concerns, but it’s so hard to figure out when I can claim to believe a theory or the truth or whatever it is at the time.

If you have enough evidence to refute the “truth”, are you still believing in a “conspiracy”?

Most conspiracies aren’t much more than evidence that pokes holes in the “truth”. When you poke enough holes, that starts to lead to an understanding of what is actually happening. Still though, it is very difficult to avoid the brand of “conspiracy theorist” when you argue against what MSM is saying… which is pretty ridiculous IMO

Anyone other than mother and father that want to talk sex or sexual identity with young children are sick, disgusting perverts and should be dealt with as such

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