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Dislocated Wrist Years Ago

I dislocated and fractured my right wrist a few years ago, and it’s never been the same since. Anyone know of any good isolation exercises for the wrist that I can perform at the end of my training sessions or at home?

Any info appreciated.

I think “dislocate” is the wrong terminology for the wrist. Doesn’t that only apply to ball and socket joints?

Dunno bout the terminology but that’s what I call it when a bone comes out of a socket. I’m not a medical person.

That’s cool. I’m a nurse. There is no socket in the wrist. It’s a different type of joint called a synovial joint (made up of several different bones). Only a ball and socket can be “dislocated” like a shoulder or hip.

I’m not trying to be a corrective prick but it’s important to know in case you have to report it to a doctor sometime down the line.

You can dislocate any joint. Finger, wrist, knee dislocations aren’t that uncommon.

To the OP, things like wrist curls, reverse wrist curls, any forearm exercises will strengthen your wrist. Most bicep exercises probably will too, but if it’s bothering you those might just hurt.

Cheers. Thanks guys.

I’d recommend getting a few ART sessions and stretch the forearms a lot after every session