Dislocated Shoulder

I dislocated my shoulder snowboarding awhile back. A few more times skateboarding and then I had surgery to atempt to fix it. But I never had achance to finish Physical Therapy. Ever sense then my shoulder has been giving me problems. Ever once in awhile if I pull my shoulder back far enough I can disloacted it.
My question is what workouts can I do to help fix this issue. I will be going into the Police Academy soon and would like this not to be a issue. I also know I really should be talking to a Physical Therapist but I wanted to know if anyone else has had problems with there shoulders. I really would like to try to strengthen my shoulder so I dont have to have surgery again. If I have to I will request them to put some type of rod in my shoulder to keep it in place. I just dont want it to pop out while I am chasing a suspect or something…
Any info would be great …
Thank You

You might want to consider finishing up your physical therapy. Physical therapy is very important, esp. if you had a surgery.

My Physical Therapy was 4 years ago. I dont know if they will except me back. But I am going to try calling today to find out.