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Dislocated Shoulder, Train the Other?

So I dislocated my shoulder yesterday, looks like I’ll be in a wedge brace for 6 weeks.

I’m just wondering what you guys think about training my good arm in the mean time. I realise that it will make me unbalanced but I figure it is better than having the whole upper body atrophy.
It was a first time uncomplicated anterior dislocation of my left (non dominant) shoulder. Had to be reduced at the hospital.
Has anyone had a shoulder injury and kept training the other body parts while recovering?

I’m also pretty bummed so if anyone has had a successful rehab and has some tips that would be appresiated. The doctor said this new brace had a really low reinjury rate (2%) if I wear it the whole 6 weeks, has anyone used one? its also called an external rotation brace.


There is evidence to suggest a carryover effect.

If you do decide to train, make sure you train smart. I would focuse more on muscular control rather than conventional training. Resistance bands might be a good place to start.

Is the dislocation a result of some sort of fall or a musculoskeletal weakness?

Successfull rehab is common, if you let it rest.

The dislocation happend while playing rugby, I landed awkwardly on my elbow which is a common mechanism so I guess not necessarily because of a weakness.
Thanks for the response

I dislocated my left(dominant) shoulder yesterday. I missed the rack while doing shoulder presses and the weight fell back behind me pulling my shoulder out. I am in a sling now and am trying to figure out what exercises i can do.

My right arm is smaller so i will probably use this time to catch it up.