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Dislocated Shoulder. How/When to Return to Training

hi guys, I dislocated my right shoulder (enterior dislocation) slipping down the stairs 2 weeks ago. Under doctors orders I will be wearing a sling for the next 6 weeks and am having some physiotherapy.

I am basicaly just wondering when I can expect to return to the gym, not to necessarily train exactly as normal (I anticipate things suck as overhead pressing etc will be the last things I will be able to return to) but to start training legs and doing cardio first.

Im guessing that whilst in the sling I should probab;y just rest, but does anybody have any experience with such an injury and can they share with me how and when they returned to the gym and what exercises they were first able to do (I worry tht squats my favourite exercise put the shoulder in a vulnerable position?).

thanks for any responses

IMO, you go and do what you can for lower body exercises. Traditional squats are out of the question for sure. If you have a SSB, you may be able to handle lighter loads while holding onto the bar with just your one arm, but even then that is questionable.

Single leg squats/pistols, weight vest lunges, Belt squats, glute ham raise, reverse hypers, sled dragging w/ harness are all viable options.

For upper extremity, I would work the uninjured arm with all single arm work.