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Dislocated Hip, Torn Ligament


First post, any help is much appreciated.
About 6 weeks ago I dislocated my right hip as well as tore a few small ligaments in the hip joint. Surgery is not required, and I started physical therapy a few weeks ago. I've been getting pretty itchy not being able to do much work on my lower half. I cant squat, deadlift, or do any pressing with my legs with out a lot of pain. Besides the basic quad ext. and hamstring curls, is there any work I can be doing to maintain some leg strength?

Again any help is appreciated. Thanks


Man that kinda injury sucks monkey balls!!!
The hip is a big joint that's involved in many movements. I can sympathize with your desire to get something going again, but try to remember that a 100% rehab. is the goal. A bit of time will save you major problems down the road.


I totally agree with this. An injury like yours will likely cause you to alter your mechanics and leave you at a higher risk for chronic injury.

I suffered a similar but probably less severe hip injury almost two years ago, and did not rehab it properly. I've spent the last two years trying to fix all the problems that were caused by not rehabbing properly.

This type of injury will force you to change your goals and the scope of your training. Look to the long-term if you wish to have a long, healthy, successful training career.