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Dislocated Finger! Still Want to Work Out!


Hey guys,
So I was playing intramural flag football, reached for the guys flag, got caught in his shirt and it totally dislocated my ring finger (proximal joint). It is splinted to my middle finger so obviously cannot grab a bar. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a routine I could do while like this for 4 weeks? Even if it includes machines, I figure it is better than nothing.

Any help greatly appreciated!


First, did you get it x-rayed to rule out any type of fracture? I’d definitely do that to be safe - I’ve seen a lot of dislocations from similar situations present with fractures to part of the finger.

If you are having trouble grabbing a bar, I would focus on single arm work with the healthy limb until the finger is healed. Machines for the injured arm wouldn’t be a bad idea, but just be cautious to not instinctively grab onto the handle with the injured finger and it may be better to just let the finger heal for a bit.


gah. Im living on a remote island and I was told to get an x-ray. I made the appointment for Thursday but wasn’t going to go because it is an hour away.

I also think Ill be doing alot of leg press


I had these kinds of injuries from judo and jiu jitsu. If you have the chance to go to a physiotherapist that uses low level laser therapy or something like this (Google) I would recommend it. It seems to work well for joints especially finger. That’s for rehab…A for training, if it hurts to grab the bar…don’t. It’s just going to take longer to heal. Having said that, when I have had finger injuries I did a lot of squats, don’t need a super grip there, just enough to keep the tension.