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Dislikes in the gym

Oh, and another thing: Those guys who ask to work in on a machine with me (which is fine), but then take that as a signal that they can invite their FOUR OTHER TRAINING PARTNERS TO WORK IN!!! I get 4 minute breaks in between sets. Its wonderful. But my gym plays good music, so at least thats cool.

Ok here are my gripes: 1. I can’t do standing hamsting curls without a group of guys staring at my ass. There is a mirror in front of me I CAN see you. 2. I have to bring my own MP3 player not only to drown out the Cher music, but also to signal to the “vulture men” there that I am busy and don’t want to be hit on. 3. Guys who act like I’m in their way because I’m using a machine they want. Work in with me or go away. I know some guys don’t think women belong at the gym, but I don’t really give a damn because I just want a good workout, not their approval. 4. Helpful men who are gonna “help me out” by telling me what I should be doing (high reps, low reps, fast tempo, slow tempo) meanwhile their form sucks and I could teach them a thing or two because I read T-mag. 5. Girls who see me stop aerobics after 30 min and get a smug look on their face assuming I can’t go on, when I just know better. Ok. I’m done. No more bitching.

My only gripe is seeing Ironbabe sneering at me in the mirror while I’m staring at her ass when she’s doing standing hamstring curls.

Yesterday I when i arrived to the gym I discovered that something terrible had happened during the weekend, the gym had been painted.
That´s not all bad but some parts av the walls are now painted in PINK. The dreamcolor of a 12-year old girl.
Had to see both some womentennis and rockyIV on the tv when i came home to restart my testosteone production.
By the way why is it allways the wrong boxer who wins in rocky IV. (I´m from sweden.)

I hate guys who lift to stroke their egos… I’m wondering if it’s just me or if anyone else has noticed this, but how about those guys you see in the gym who refuse to use anything smaller than 45lb plates? What’s up with that? The other day I see this guy doing 1/4 squats with 315, grunting and screaming like he’s shitting a turd out sideways, and then he slams the bar down on the squat rack and says, “Next week I’m moving up to 405!” What, 5lb plates aren’t good enough? Damn, I wish I could add 90 lbs to my squat in a week…

The biggest thing to bother me is these dumbasses who do dumbbell curls 1 foot away from the dumbbell rack. I can’t imagine their fucked-up pussy logic like “surely no one will need to rack their weights while I’m doing this two minute set.” I’m sort of forgiving for dumbbell shrugs, because your grip gives out first, but not for curls, or the worst, side laterals. The last time this happened, I threw my weights down at this guy’s feet and said, “here, you put them up.”

I work at my gym, so I am an expert at this subject. The number 1 violation is noise! Don’t do stuff so quickly it clangs and makes a tun of noise. its annoying. noise can also include dropping plates, and overly talking.
back to the original post, what does “Pro bodybuilders who train in the gym and give no time to those around them after (not during) their workout.” mean?

There’s not much that really annoys me. Most of the music is good. The gym is very cramped (machines not people), so that gets bothersome. There’s something that cracks me up; there’s this one guy that used to juice/still does? and uses bad form and tries to outdo everyone on his only 2 lifts, military press and bench; I was doing dumbell military press (which I’ve never seen him do), so after I get done he picks up dumbells about twice the size of the ones I was using and then drops them after his set. Wow, he can lift for than a 14 year old kid. Now on leg day, he stays the f away. I load the sled up for leg press, and he quickly finds someone working chest and jumps in. I’ve seen him work legs only 3 days in the whole time i’ve been going to the gym. He did bouncy full squats and knee-slamed-on-floor lunges, both with considerably wess weight than I use with good form. I take that back, there is one thing that really annoys me; someone interupting me right before a heavy set or during any set, that really gets on me. There’s something that doesn’t bother me but might others; when I’m doing leg presses I always really load on the plates on go heavy, and for my last 3 reps I turn very red and look like nothing short of a psycho and at least half the people in the gym are staring at me; I can never notice them until I put the weight up because I’m so focused.

Heh heh. That was a good one.

The biggest thing that bothers me is people who use way too much weight with poor form. Especially people who think they’re tough shit for barely doing 1/4 squats with too much weight. Also, people who use the squat rack to do curls with like 90 pounds. Also, the people who come in and work out their chest and biceps every day. People who dont want to squat when I tell them what to do to get big. People who do a lot of cardio when they’re trying to get big and don’t eat enough. People who I tell specifically what to do to get big and they dont follow it.

I hate it when there is another person in the gym besides me.

My main annoyance is when people congregate around the power rack to talk, lat stretch’s on the verticals, or just lean on it.Once this idiot was leaning on the rack while I was inside doing squat warmups so I rang the fat end of the bar on the corner and the reverberation rattled his head a tad.I said
“Oh, sorry did that hurt” all the while trying
to hold back my evil smile.I shouldn’t forget
people with imaginary lat syndrome.

I have a long list. 1) People who do double biceps pose curls. 2) People who think you’re showing off when doing rack lockouts or negatives. 3) People who work in with me on a machine, use less weight than I am, and then say “I’m going for high reps today,” in an unsolicited attempt to explain their weakness. 4) Women who wear a ton (enough to make your eyes water) of perfume or make-up to the gym. 5) Men who wear a ton of perfume or make-up to the gym. 6) That guy who wears a Tank Abbott shirt and makes opprobrious remarks about women, jews, and anyone who isn’t white. 7) People who monopolize a piece of equipment I need for 20 minutes while doing their excercise incorrectly. 8) People who grab a weight that is obviously too heavy, ask me for a spot, fail to get even the first rep without a great deal of my assistance, and then do five or six more reps (one time this imbecile went and got even more weight after his already abysmal failure). 9) Men who go and offer unsolicited advice to women who don’t need it. 10) Affluent white teenagers who dress and speak as though they grew up in the ghetto and just go to the gym to hang out and look tough, not really to lift. 11) Fat people who think they are very muscular. 12) tennis players who ask me for advice on strength increases and then choose to disregard it because their coach said keeping reps in the 10-12 range would prevent them from becoming bulky. 13) Idiots who use free weights incorrectly, injure themselves, and then go around preaching that free weights are dangerous and shouldn’t be allowed in gyms.

I have more but need to get back to work.

Guys that insist on throwing the dumbells down after a set of presses. Nothing like doing inclines with the hundred pounders when they have a nice bend in 'em because some pinhead had to bounce them off of the floor…

Okay, let’s see what annoys me:

The guy who can’t handle the fact that I will yell out my last 1 or 2 reps when I go heavy.

That same guy who makes disparaging remarks about me. And, oh yeah, ‘same guy’, I am buddy’s with the champion powerlifter. You know, the guy who does 800 lbs squats for reps.

The moron who can’t EVER clean up the plates from the bars.

People who can’t stack the weight tree correctly.

People who can’t put dumbbells back in ascending order.

Women who won’t lift anything that might cause them to break a sweat.

Women who look at the IFFB Fitness pro and pronounce her ‘TOO BIG.’

Almost any Monday night.

Enough for now.


Things that have nearly ruined my workout by fueling anger deep within: dumbasses dropping dumbells (at a weight of 150 I was benching and racking 85’s under total control until some gumba dropped and broke them), ignorant people staring at me in a condescending fashion while I’m doing light weight warmups or King style workouts, juiceboys acting like they know more about working out than everyone else just because they’re big (and stupid), the girls who give these same fools the time of day, inexperienced members who bring a friend for their first workout and push them to the hilt with lots of forced reps only to never see them come back again. I’ll stop there because I could easily go on and on and it might get ugly.

Ahh yes, forgot one…PERSONAL frickin Trainers who come up to you during a GVT session and tell you that you would see better gains if you pyramided the weights instead of doing set after set of the same weight…THEN handing you their card and telling you to make an appointment so they can make a REAL program for you…ESPECIALLY when the P.T. in question is a skinny little freak wearing a white tank top and sporting 12" guns!! When you explain (out of the KINDNESS of your heart) that it is German Volume Training…they ask “What’s that?” THEN you tell them about T-mag, write down the address, and tell them to check it out…and a month later…they never did!! Trainers like that should be HUNG from the cable crossover machine…that thing that they take all their clients to…instead of the Bench…cause the wuss clients want to “tone up”…OH and THEN…same PT is having a female “box” him in the aerobics room for cardio (what a stud…even wearing headgear in case this little housewife hits him too hard) and asks ME (after I tore up the heavy bag) if I ever boxed. I tell him no…just martial arts…Mr Cocky procedes to tell me to “Give it a shot” So with one Feint, and a roundhouse kick to the head (a light one…didnt try to kill him) I ring his bell…and he procedes to tell me (smiling to the housewife) that he “let” me have that one…but then drops his gloves and goes back to the housewife…NEXT TIME I WILL ring his bell!

Without a doubt THE MUSIC!!! The Backstreet boys just does not do it for me in the gym! Although people who spend 3 hours bench pressing & then finish up with 15 minutes of curls would be a close second.

Don’t get me started… people who only ever do circuits with crappy form to songs like Stars on 45 AND they get full use of the machines by order of gym. Women at lat pulldown machines pulling the lightest weight swivel necking round the gym at the same time.People who do the same workout 6 days a week, every week of the year and complain they never progress. Staff who walk past newbies etc with crap form and struggling to figure out how to do the exercises, then I have to help them before they do an themselves an injury. It must be noted that I’m perfect and never piss anyone else off! HA!

I always work out early AM before work. I had my first workout after work…hated it! Far too crowded with people who wander around with no plan other than to seemingly thwart my workout by anticipating my next move and grabbing the equipment I am headed for. An evening of posers and socialites. Convuslion Boy next to me who must use my fixed BB to do his full-body-wave-curling-type motion, all the while he is practicing grimacing in the mirror and dreaming of the day he will be invited to the party going on behind us. Meanwhile, POW Bob is staring at me as if he has never seen someone perform a slow, controlled lift, and is pacing back and forth so he can grab the BB that Convulsion Boy and I are blissfully sharing so he can have another Aleve moment. Poor form, who’s the strongest?, coordinated outfits with straight-from-the-salon hair, loud-mouths who desperately need to be heard, people who have taken temporary sole posession of equipment for the duration of their pitiful visit and protect it with their circling, menacing strut as if it were one of their young… Can you tell I am not a fan of the evening workout?