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Dislike Feature?

Forgive me if it’s already been asked (a quick search on my end came up fruitless), but have the mods ever considered using an upvote/downvote system for replies, as opposed to simply likes? I think it could aid the “court of public opinion” to weed out the bullshit/bullshitters (hopefully I’m not one of them).

Would be keen to know what other forum members think as well.

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I’m hesitant to say I’d love this, but only because I’d have to straighten my act up around here :joy:

I like the idea

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There’s a knee-jerk part of me, and likely everyone else, that wants this idea, but at the end of the day it will likely just lead to more negativity.

People say dumb things - we don’t have to like those things, but people shouldn’t have to endure a barrage of dislikes when we can articulate what we don’t like instead. I’ve also personally ragged on people and contributed to negativity, so I’m not saying I do the right thing all the time, but I’d rather hear from somebody why what I’m saying is dumb than just get a bunch of thumbs-downs.

I do get where you’re coming from, but I’d give it somewhere around a 0% chance of happening, as I’m assuming the lack of a dislike function is very much deliberate.


As aboveI get where you’re coming from, but think for tnation it wouldn’t be the best idea.

Also there is already the option to ‘flag posts’ for people posting proper nasty stuff/being a real asshole etc

Awesome points guys @flappinit @RampantBadger

Can definitely see how it could get out of hand

I could see it working if a dislike also required a written response to accompany it, so you can’t just go around spamming dislikes everywhere. I think it would be a useful feature because some of the threads here are massive and there’s no way to quickly sort through useful information. So instead of scrolling through and seeing a dumb post then wading through the 20 responses to it, it would just be automatically hidden due to a barrage of dislikes (but you can still click on it to view it if you choose).

I’d also want a feature that lets you sort posts by number of likes. So you click on a 4000+ post “what’s the best chest exercise” thread, sort by likes and it brings all the best posts to the top to save you time. Though that would probably just turn it into Reddit.

But our community is much better than r/weightroom

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If you have to write a response conveying your dislike for something, then why is it necessary to also have a button to click that says the same thing?

If I want to know how wrong I am I just ask the wife.


I’ve started flagging more stuff. I check the community guidelines first and lo, there’s quite a lot of shit that goes against it that has me reacting.


I think that if you can’t even articulate what you dislike, you have no reason disliking a post in the first place whereas a “like” can simply mean you agree with what that the person is saying. Then you wouldn’t have to post something redundant like “Agreed” without following up with anything else of substance.

Conversely, it could just end up in a bunch of hive minded idiots trying to fuck with a dude. It’s also pretty much a balless act which should not be encouraged on a forum such as T-nation.

Think about it. How many times have you thought this “motherfucker talking shit to me wouldn’t dare say it to my face IRL”? Now imagine the fucker doesn’t even have the balls to talk shit to you online but can now simply just click a button to give you the middle finger?

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So users coming into a new thread don’t have to read some erroneous essay length post and the hundred rebuttals to it. They can just see that a post has had 20 dislikes and been hidden (along with all the responses to it), and if they’re curious they can choose to see it.

Hey DT,



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I have seen alleged adults in other online communities have full on meltdowns over having a virtual thumbs down given to a comment they made before. If the system is anonymous, it results in witch hunts conducted to find out WHO gave a thumbs down. If a name is displayed, it results in thumbs down wars and SO much drama.

It’s not worth the baggage.


I think dislikes stiffled discussion. You see it all the time on Reddit where dislikes start collecting so the post is removed. This would be okay if people liked good posts that they disagree with or people didn’t shit the bed at a conflicting point but they so.

The best way to “dislike” is to put up a compelling counter argument and have people like your post.

That said, a dislike for the next post that reeks of someone seeking validation for their dumb theory is tempting lol

Also, will settle for a working website before adding new stuff lol

Why are you guys facing so many website issues lol? I have absolutely zero issues even when using a $100(not kidding) Xiaomi smart phone.


I’m completely with @flappinit and a couple others here. I think “so we don’t have to wade through idiots” is a tempting justification to censor what we don’t want to hear and just creates an echo chamber.

The most useful discussions on here (and everywhere) start from unpopular opinions.

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Imagine someone starting a Starting Strength thread and people are downvoted to oblivion by Rippestilkskin fanboys simply because they’re telling you GOMAD shouldn’t be taken literally in every single case if you have a scintilla of common sense.

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