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Disk Herniation and Leg Development


I herniated a disk in my lower back when I was 21. Had surgery when I was 22 to fix it. Now I can no longer squat, leg press, and I am not supposed to deadlift. Although at times I do deadlift some light weight. Those are two of the best exercises for leg development, and now I don't have the option to use them. I am on here wondering if anyone could give me some possible alternatives that would help me build my legs up. I would appreciate help from anyone, and it would be nice to hear from someone who has experience with a herniated disk and weight training.


Hey dude it sucks to hear about what happend. Well I had a disc herniation early last year (Just after turned 19 then) and it was from way too much MMA and not programming my weights correctly. Ended up with a disc herniation...

So what I did was do a lot of core work, got onto a decent program (did BBB and some push/pull/legs near the end before I hopped onto HPM now = for life!!! haha!). But I never went for surgery as I had luckily just caught the injury before all hell broke loose and would of probably had to have surgery. Basically doing a lot of core work, mobility drills, foam rolling, band rehab work and keeping any load off my spine helped tremendously.

From there as I got stronger I started doing kettlebell work, band good mornings, PROWLER (life saver!!!!) and from there I moved back to trap bar deadlifts, goblet squats and eventually back to back squatting.
Now I just have some pain sometimes that goes away with stretching and watching form again but I mean from not squatting or anything back to squatting 100kg for reps and deadlifting close to 200kg...

Just my experiance with herniations man...