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While eating and flipping through the channels, I mistakenly stopped on the Muary Povich show. What I saw shocked me profoundly: Five year old girls…weighing over 230lb!!! All I can say is… motherfucking morons. The audience did the mothers justice by calling them names. They had some “nutrition specialist” woman come in. She asked the mothers how much the kids ate, and came to the conclusion that the kids “eat as much as a pro football player”. The mothers for the most part seemed oblivious, almost proud, of their “achievements”. I can’t believe people like this are allowed to breed. Rant over.

Those parents should be arrested for child abuse. Plain and simple.

Hell with that! Put them in charge of a pig farm and put their talants to good use.

you guys are so insensitive! maybe they kids have a rare eating disorder, such as the “i cant stop stuffing my fucking face syndrome.”

Hey do any of you guys remember a post about six months ago that two vegetarian parents weren’t feeding their baby the proper proteins, and their reason why was they didn’t know. Well, if I remember correctly the state took the baby from the parents and started to feed the baby a healthy diet. When they took the baby away it was 8 mo. old but weighed as much as a new born. Can’t remember what happened to the parents, but they had their baby taken away and that is bad enough. This is almost the same situation in a sense, stupid ass parents.

Didn’t a couple in Arizona lose their child to CPS because of the childs morbid obesity? Child has a short history ahead of her.

If only 3rd world countries could watch that particular episode. I don’t like attacking people’s personal appearance, cos I think it’s kinda snobberish, But DAMN!! I really don’t have ANY sympathy for the children or the parents. That obese girl could hardly walk, without assistance, so how the hell was she walking to the fridge? When I was watching that episode, it made my blood boil. Having 6 kids, by 5 men, and not knowing who any of their father’s are is one thing, but knowing what you’re doing wrong about the amount they eat, and still buying them from the shops to give to the children is sickening. When I have kids, I’m going to make sure all I have in the kitchen are frozen chicken/beef, Protein shakes, and water. Cry all they want, they’re going to thank me for it when they get older, and 85% of americans are statistically deemed obese. It’s definitely the parent’s fault for being so weak.

85% is way off base, the statistic is somewherez around 50% of america is overweight. And overwheight and obiese are two totally different things. Even still, the numbers have got to bother you.

That 85% was totally made up by me. I was just predicting the obesity statistic by the time my future kids reach 18yrs old (i.e. 50% at the moment, 85% by the yr 2025)

230 lb? 6 kids by 5 fathers? Uh oh, guess who is footin’ the food bill. Yep you guessed it, you and I. And would anyone care to guess who will be paying for the disibility that they are sure to qaulify for. Yep, you and I. It’s my opinion that if you receive food assistance that you should not be able to buy shit like Pepsi, potato chips, etc. Instead, like cigarettes, and alcohol, processed foods would not be allowed…

NO surprise. The following things are found in American society in inverse proportion to IQ: High birth rates, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, smoking, obesity, lack of exercise. The idiots are out-fucking us, and the average IQ is dropping.

I saw the glimpse of that show when I was switching between the history channel and my morning cartoons (hey im addicted). I thought she was 12 till they said she was 5 years old. I was thinking WTF and had to change. I don’t know how a parent could allow a child to get that big. At a 1/6 of that weight Id be worring. If that kid was mine, Id make him run everyday when I got home till they dropped!

Harkonnen perhaps you should have watched the whole show before running your mouth. The 230lb child, actually 245lb(update at end of show) was a returning guest, that had been to a doctor on an earlier show. The doctor that examined the child said she was suffering some undetermined medical disorder. I know the mother was no featherweight but she did say the child is on a restricted diet consuming the amount of calories a normal weight child her age would be consuming and had always been so. The same was also said of two of the other children, one of whom had weighed under 7lbs at birth. Three of the mothers needed thier asses kicked for sure as they admitted to severly overfeeding their kids. One the former mothers even had a go at one of the overfeeders, it was THOSE mothers that the doctor was referring to, NOT that of the 245lb child. Three of the mothers including that of the largest child are devastated by the condition of thier children and are terrified thier kids are not going to wake up some morning. The same could not be said of the other three, all of whom we downright proud of thier reckless and abusive behavior. Try putting yourself in the shoes of those mothers that are fearing for the life of thier kids. I hope that none of the children you do or will have ever face such a problem.