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Disgusting Culinary Habits


In this forum I read extensive posts about preparing "yummy" bodybuilding cuisine, shakes and treats, and people are using stuff like graham cracker crusts, vanilla extract and "ovens" to combine taste with nutrition.

If that's your thing, cool, but I am not among you.

I want to hear from those of you who, while perhaps enjoying a great dinner at a nice restaurant occasionally, do not give a flying crap about taste on a daily basis, and simply eat to supply the body with nutrients. I can't be alone here.

It's not a matter of being hardcore, at least not for me. It's a matter of being lazy.

Some of the disgusting things I do on a daily basis:

1.) Mix canned tuna with lemon crystal-lite, put into a blender and chug.
2.) Prepare a veritable TROUGH of salad and leave uncovered in my fridge for up to 2 weeks, consuming a bit each day
3.) Purchasing an entire cooked rotisserie chicken from a deli, hacking away at it with a fork, putting it back in the fridge for a few days and hack away at it again
4.) Boiling 24 eggs at once, putting them into a fruit bowl, and consuming them gradually, leaving the broken shells in the same bowl
5.) Putting HP Bold sauce on any and all meat, poultry and fish
6.) Having a morning "power shake" of frozen kale, protein powder, berries, cocoa nibs, unflavoured fish oil, cinnamon, ground flax seed, Leucine, Creatine and Beta-Alanine

It's absolutely astounding that I have managed to co-habitate and have sexual relations with beautiful women, considering that Cro-Magnon man had better eating and food preparation habits than I do.


Not sure if it qualifies, but when I am really hungry and too lazy to cook anything that takes more than 3 minutes of effort, I will throw two cans of tuna on some bread, cover them with cheddar cheese, and then pour a big can of baked beans on top of that. Hits the spot every time!


When I'm doing PSMF (which is now) I'll chop up a cabbage and drown it in louisiana hot sauce + texmex and some olive oil for lubrication.

A couple days in a row I've had 6 cans of tuna over zero cal shiritaki noodles. And then I'll have a few spoonfuls of coconut oil (I'm convinced that this is fat-loss warlock magic).

Psylium husks taste like ass... but one teaspoon mixed with water, roasted garlic paste, and hot sauce = fake hummous like substance for celery/daikon dipping (great for low carb crusades). Careful with the ratios, too much psyilium will kill it.

I made a shake with superfood, powerdrive, creatine, vanilla protein powder, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, cottage cheese, psylium husks, flaxseed and a few drops of stevia. Despite measures to balance the taste, it was the second worst shake I ever drank. The worst was a blended greek salad, when I got my braces in when I was 10.


I absolutely avoid food that tastes very good. ABSOLUTELY. I'm not talking about dinner out ocasionally, thats all well and good. But day to day I don't try to make my food taste very good. I mean half the time when I'm done eating I'm RELIEVED instead of looking for more.

I eat alot of cottage cheese and ground meat. Like, just plain ground turkey breast. Eat your 110g of that and you are so damn happy to be finished. To get my protein and carbs I have eaten cottage cheese on corn tortillas vomit



PeptoPro/MAG-10 straight. Tastes like you're re-swallowing your own puke.


Hemp protein, mixed only with water...


I eat chicken breast, plain sometimes...


Tuna plain straight out of the can downed with a protein shake has become a very common thing over here.


Yeah, I'm definitely a plain Jane. The things people cook LOOK good, but seem like waaaaay too big of a hassle generally. 98% of my meals are like 8 oz beef + 1 cup rice, or something similar. No glamor here, haha.



Of all food, I just can't stomach chicken breast (unless it's fried or seasoned salted etc all to hell).

I know, that's like, anathema to the BB community.

I'm a steak/fish guy.


Fuck this thread, bitchez!



I usually eat between 250-300g per serving and usually I have to use water to stomach this shit

Plain chicken/turkey absolutely sucks.

I sometimes put it in a ziploc bag and will eat it like a fucking chocolate bar while driving, rofl


Smoked a 15lb turkey. Left it on my kitchen table for a week without refrigeration and ate it. Mothertrucker was good.

sliced some meat off a road killed cow once. It was pretty fresh. cooked it on a flat rock...


Lol, stoic is probably closest. My palette has gotten better over the years, but I've always been a 'plain' food guy. Find a consistency and stick with it. For instance, this would be how I would get the following choices...

Burgers = Cheese, Bread, Meat
Hotdogs = Bun, Hotdog
Pizza = Sausage, Pepperoni
Beef = Lowry's Salt
Chicken = Salt and Pepper

And so on forth. I don't dis-appreciate a lot of good-tasting things, but maybe I don't value the different in taste enough to warrant the extra hassle? Lol, who knows.

That, and I'm broke as hell. I mean broke as HELL. That'll do it every time.


I am young and my parents don't really like to constantly cook for me so my usual dinner contains beef and peas or eggs and turkey. I get bored of the flavor but i drench it hot sauce. My protein powder with just water makes me want to throw up but hey gotta do what you gotta do.


I had a brand of vanilla protein powder once, which mixed with water alone made a concoction I disaffectionately labelled "bear semen".

Hot sauce is the flavinatrix that holds my diet together.

Yesterday I ate canned turkey over shiritaki noodles with a dollop of coconut oil /repeat/repeat/repeat. But I also made some green bean fries which were sort of fancy.

Honestly, turkey has never tasted better than when from a can.


Ground turkey breast is such a cocktease.

It smells good while you're cooking it, then the battle starts.

I've done PSMFs IF style and couldn't even bear to finish the plate half the time.

Whatever you do, don't use sea salt on it. It tastes like assfish.




Really?! Plain ground turkey with salt and pepper is a staple for me, haha.


I eat that shit, I just fucking hate it.

The fat content is so low it's just miserable. Ground chicken breast is infinitely more palatable.