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Disgusted with Scientology


I just saw a commercial for Scientology on the History Channel. I thought that channel was for history-related topics and not L. Ron Hubbard cults, but I must have been mistaken. Am I the only one completely disgusted by Scientology? Also, are there any Scientologists on here? If so, what is it like to be in a cult? Any perks we don't hear of?


South park explains it best.


I saw it too the other night...what is this world coming to?!?! Hey, maybe they get to meet John Travolta.


and kill him? haha I keed, I keed. But really.

I did think the commercial was funny until it mentioned scientology. It just named off random shit with pictures of said shit. Heroism, disaster, and ...paperclips?


why dont you like it?


Because it was fabricated by L. Ron Hubbard, who was a science-fiction author/drug addict. In plain terms, it's total bullshit based a rediculous back story involving an alien named XENU who came to our planet 75 million years ago.

To advance in Scientology, one must PAY. All members are required to pay 10 percent of their incomes to the church. A major goal of scientologists is to become "clear," or in complete mental and emotional control of themselves. To do this, one goes through different levels of clarity, many of which require payment to achieve.

I hate Scientology because it is a SCAM marketed to people who think they are bettering themselves. L. Ron Hubbard himself said the best way to make money was to start a religion.


So long as folks aren't buying into some kind of philosophy that tells them to kill me or others or torture animals,.... I pretty much do not care.

Why do you care?


Just as lame as all the other religions if you ask me.


Most church require you to "pay" or "tithe" 10 percent.They aren't twisting anyones arm to join right?


They have/do kill people. That is not a wierd conspiracy theory assertion, it is a real fact. The Church Of Scientology, and members of it, have been put on trial countless times for wrongful death, manslaughter, and murder. Aside from all the other legal bullshit they've gone through, and the regular extorition and harassment their 'church,' perpetuates. They've gone so far as to try to infilitrate government and manipulate to their interests. Don't believe me? Without doing some kind of factoid deluge, they are banned in France and Germany for these very reasons for starters. They are the epitome of evil corporations in America.


Shit, I could make up way cooler religions than any of the ones that currently exist if I racked in 10% of everyone's income each week.


Jews, Christians, Muslims

Wacky Christian Right who murder abortion doctors...

Evangelical and Televangelists (extortion) Jehovas Witness/Mormons (harassment)

Thomas Jefferson (author: Declaration of Independence; 3rd POTUS) thought the whole country would become Unitarian

Roman Catholicism was banned in England. Ever heard of a little thing called the Spanish Inquisition?

With all of this amazing evidence you've given us Spartan I'd have to say that, compared to other major world religions, Scientology fits in pretty damn nicely...


I don't really care what they do but they should change the dam name... Come on, it sounds like it's made out to be factual or something because it starts like science and ends in 'ology. Who are they kidding?


They don't twist arms, just fraud.


Is that a serious question?


Is this much different than LDS (Mormons) or some Christian religions? I think 7th days require 10-15% tithing. I'm not advocating these religions, but they're all kind of the same scam. I suppose religions are all selling people a philosophy and feeling of superiority.

People can believe whatever irrational things they want as long as they don't violate my property rights and force their beliefs on me through the power of government.


Technically you aren't required to pay to be part of the religion or a member of the church. It is simply suggested that you contribute some portion towards helping others and/or as a way of self-control over your money or whatever.

I've been to a lot of churches and I've never, ever, seen on make people pay anything. In fact a lot of them don't seem to pay much if ANY. The difference in scientology being that there are clear requirements of monetary payment for a lot of the things it purports to do.


Goddamn Super Adventure Club. Climbing Mount Everest and molesting little boys. Those perverts.


That's what I was thinking, I went to with grandma to her church a few weeks ago because she had a duet and they didn't pass around plates, they just had a basket in the back for donations if someone felt so inclined.

I didn't realize with Scientology you had to pay...now I understand that joke....


Well said. It's just one that you can really make fun of.

Team Ram-Rod FTW!