Disgraceful Football Routine

Today I decided to join the football team in one of their ‘weight-training’ workouts, as I usually workout alone but wanted to get to know the coach. It was disgraceful. They had five warm-up sets for bench, one work set with everyone in the group using the same weight, leg presses, lat pulldowns, cable-curls supersetted with pushdowns, and shrugs.

I started doing some power cleans but then the ‘trainer’ gave me the routine that I mentioned above. I subbed chins for lat pulldowns and got looks of astonishment (I was only doing sets of eight). I cut out early so it wouldn’t interfere with my ability to perform my next 7/5/3 Wave workout. Some players were actually doing Smith-machine quarter squats. Now I can see why our football team never goes far.

next time do O squats.

you just described most high school football “progarms”…

I feel for ya. Our team does bench, cleans, squats, jerks…every big compound movement you can think of. It shows too, we have one of the best teams in state.

Big problem in the mainstream S&C community is these coaches have ego’s. That’s mistake #1, which leads to mistake #2…having a closed mind. These guys think their way is the best (only) way. Instead of having an open mind and embracing the dynamic nature of the fitness world, they shun anything that doesn’t conform to their misguided or outdated forms of training. Sad…

Did I mentioned most rep schemes were 3x12, and the bench had five warm-up sets and one work set.

wait wait, go train with them again and do 1 arm snatches hahahahha.