Discussion on 6 Meals a Day vs Intermittent Fasting

So I’m currently having 6 meals a day 3 being chicken and rice and 3 being protein shakes

My questions is if I wanted to move to intermate fasting because I believe there is more success with that as I’ve done it in the past could! If I wanted to do a 18 hour fast and a 6 hour food binge? Only on chicken and rice and protein tho would that 6 hours be enough time for me to consume around 200grams of protein

yes, it’s enough time. But don’t look at IF as some magic bullet. I don’t do it as much as I used to, but I will say it’s great for making it easier to hit a calorie target. Feeding all day makes it much harder to do that – at least in my case. When I start eating later I usually hit the bullseye or under. But as far as IF making fat loss easier from a hormonal standpoint…that I do not know.

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