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Discus Throw...


I'm thinking about trying Discus for spring track this year. I've never thrown before, only run. I'm pretty strong (for a 17 year old, at least.)

What would be some good excersizes to improve (or at least start improving) a discus throw?



Throwing the discus under the supervision of a qualified coach.


Check out Dan John's site also: www.danjohn.org/coach I believe


There are plenty of throwing web pages that have information on throwing the discus. www.effortlessthrow.org and www.throwers.org are examples, as far as lifts go, its the power cleans and snatches, squats, pushpress ect. that can help out with building power in the throw


discus is a technique throw. you can be as big and and strong as you want. if you dont have balance, speed, coordination and a good coach your going nowhere fast.