Discus & Javelin

i decided to do track this year and the events i’ll be doing are discus and javelin. that said, i’d like to read up on some stuff.

anybody got anything good to read preferably about form/technique in these two events?


the best advice you can get is going to be from a throwing coach who can watch you throw and point out what you are doing wrong.

Go to a throwing camp, learn from a couple of the greats. Watch video on wolfgang, mac wilkins, john powell. And video tape yourself so you can review your mistakes to correct them. If you don’t have a throwing coach on hand, this is the best alternative.

I didn’t throw the discus much I couldn’t get it to fly straight, but I did throw the javelin. There is a good chance they will start you out at the stand and throw and then the three step throw. I was a little impatient and on my own time I worked on the full run and throw.

Once it feels a little bit normal get with the coach and get his or her opinion so you don’t develop to many bad habits. A pair of javelin boots helps as well. (Sometimes they can be a little expensive) hope this helps a little bit and good luck on the put coming session.

Check out Dan John’s web page. danjohn.org . He has a newsletter all about throwing events. Post your questions directly to him, he threw a lot of stuff in the olympics. He throws stuff.
Good luck.