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Discus, Hammer, & Thrower Ready for College

I posted a thread earlier but if you didnt read it I’m 6’6" 220 I can squat 370, bench 225, dead 385, clean 270 lbs. Throw P.R.s are 53’7" in shot and 151’6.5" in disc. I’m still learning hammer technique but I’ll keep you posted. I’m taking in slightly more than 10,000 calories a day by taking 3 servings of Xrated xrteme rapid weight gainner equaling 3700 calories and 5 meals a day to make up the rest. I lift twice a day monday through thursday and throw Monday Thursday Friday. I work legs Monday and Wednesday and upper body Tuesday and Thursday Abs everyday.

Today I did cleans 110Kg for 3 and squatted 255lbs for 10 (worked my way up to both with 4 or 5 sets of lighter weights). Both lifts were fairly easy. Second lifting session I did weighted box step ups with 225lbs(same progression) , at the top of the box I hold my leg up so that my quad is parallel to the floor for a 2 count. Then I shrugged 315 4 x 5. After I was done with platform lifts I worked abs with standing plate twists and seated medicine ball twists.

After that me and my training partner did “30 second blitz” which is in 30 second intervals you do as many sit ups, seated twists and leg lifts back to back i.e. 30 seconds of sit ups, 30 seconds of twists, etc. After I was done with abs I did vertical training to work on my explosiveness, I used a vertamax machine which is to bungie cords that strap to your hips and provide resistance while jumping. Then I threw, I threw shot and disc today all my disc throws were around 150. I’m making the transition to the 2k disc pretty well. Shot was more difficult after a heavy leg day I struggled to keep the 16lbs ball around 45. It was a tough day so I’m closer to 12k calories than i am to 10.

Dude, nice training and I am jealous of your actuall Oly platform and real bumper plates. Good luck with the weight gain. That one ass ton of activity to out eat!!

I’ll be following.

Arms today started with bench finished on 170lbs for 10 reps. Then I moved onto incline dumbell press (not alternating) for 4x8 with 60’s. Next I did tricep extensions 5x8. After that I did dumbell lateral raises on one foot 2 sets of 10 on both left and right legs 10lbs dbs. After raises I headed home got some calories into me and headed back to the gym. When I got back I did flat dumbell bench press with 65’s 4 sets of 8. Then I did push jerks 4x5 finishing on 95Kg. Finished up on curls 4x8 and rows with bands 3x10. Stretched and went home. Thought I’d give you guys a better idea of my diet Wake up at 5:40 a.m. take first serving of Xrated and a cup of yogurt, bananas, and shaved almonds mixed like a parfait and go to school. Get back around 9:30 usually have a grilled cheese with salami or some other sandwich meat in it, rest for a little then hit the gym.

In between gym trips I have about 1000-2000 calories of quality protiens and complex carbohydrates like chicken and Rice not 12 bags of cheetos and a 2 liter of coke. Get home from my second workout and I have my second serving of Xrated and usually some more yogurt, almonds and bananas with a costco muffin (they are so fucking awesome). Then I’ll have dinner with my family which always consists of grilled meat and salad, the plate goes around to everyone else once they take what they want and I eat the rest if it’s chicken I usually eat like 5 or 6 chicken breasts, steak i usually eat 2 to 3 steaks depending on how I ate earlier in the day. About 2 hours after dinner I eat again of whatever I can to close the gap to 10K and take my Xrated 2 hours before bed. I always have a bag of jerky in my bag and 2 or 3 protein bars I eat everyday. I also take fish oil and use BCAA’s mixed with Kool aid as a pre-workout (it works pretty good). I’m at about 5k calories right now and I’m starving I’ll prolly be up around 12k-14k calories today.

Legs day got tons of vids so I can gauge my change by the end of my peaking cycle (not steroids, just lifting) Started with hang snatches 5x1 4x3 finishing on 70 Kg. Then I moved onto front squats 4x5 attempted 275 on my 5th set but had to drop out (I didn’t push myself enough I should have gotten at least 4). Moved on to deads 4x5 finished on 150 Kg. Took my break ate some pizza in between workouts. When I came back I did weighted lunges (push back not walking I feel it helps my initial kick back when I throw shot). I finished with some jump training I was gonna take video but my phone died. Worked on explosion jumped on 2 foot box 2x10 worked my way up to singles onto around a 5’6"-5’8" box I’ll take video next time. Over the school year it was tough for me to reach 10k calories now it’s summer i’m almost always over 12k.



Front squats failure

Good stuff in here, i’ll be following. Where are you going/planning on going to college? Nice throws!

[quote]samrgoode wrote:
Front squats failure


best part is at the end the person calling you a bitch

i like the commentary at the end of front squats

[quote]Raw Meat wrote:
Where are you going/planning on going to college? Nice throws! [/quote]

Thanks man I’m going to Ferris State in Big rapids Michigan and I’m gonna try to transfer to Ohio State with big enough marks

Sorry I havent been updating I’m In Michigan visiting my college and havent gotten to lift since Wedensday. I’ll be starting up again on Monday! 120kg clean for 2 if I feel good!

Hey man! Just found your thread. I threw hammer, disc, and weigh in college at a D1 school. Where do you plan on going? I read where you started working on hammer. How is that going? I didn’t really throw hammer in high school and found that to be the most enjoyable in college.

Hey man! Just found your thread. I threw hammer, disc, and weigh in college at a D1 school. Where do you plan on going? I read where you started working on hammer. How is that going? I didn’t really throw hammer in high school and found that to be the most enjoyable in college.

I’m gonna go to Ferris State in Big rapids Michigan. My plan is to throw there for a year break all there records and go to a D1 school. Hammer is going good. I got single turn releases down pretty good and I should be moving on to 2 turns either this week or next week. Ill upload some videos of me throw this week also. I have my first meet with the 16lb ball and 2k disc this week gonna go big!

Ok so I might have gotten ahead of my lifting program. I worked up to 115 Kg for three on cleans (very disappointed with my form on final set) Next I finished my back squats with 275 for 8 (could have gone 10 but the program said 8). Did 5x3 RDL’s with 70 Kgs. Did 30 seconds blitz (as explained above, going to 45 second blitz next week Kyle) went home ate 2 cheese steaks watched some T.V. and headed back. When I got back because I was so disappointed with my cleans in the A.M. I did hang cleans (heavy) finished on 107.5 kgs for 5 with good technique, and i was satisfied. Finally I did weighted box step ups finishing with 5 on each leg with 225 (best movement ever with that weight on my back) Headed home took some Xrated and ate again and rested until throwing. Today I threw some disc and it was a pretty good day, beginning a new start more of a European straight up and down start like harding. Pretty good results thus far, my speed has increased its just more difficult to stay back in a good reverse c release position (you’ll see in the video). Steak and salad for dinner pretty good day.

Sorry for the shitty angle Ill have to let future camera operators know.

youll see what I mean about staying back in shot it’s bad…real bad

Tough day in the weight room. Started with bench dropped to sets of 8 same as in the squats finished with 180lbs. Moved on to dumbell incline 4x8 with 60’s, then I did tricep extensions and db lateral raises. Had to go early to run some errands and eat. Headed back to the gym started up with 4x5 push jerk finishing on 90kgs and flat db bench with 70’s. After that I decided to do a total burn out day, Began with neutral grip curls with 65lbs 4 sets (burnout). Next I did 135lb bench with 15lbs chains (burnout)4 sets . Then I did a 50 inch box jump so I could get a video of it. No throwing today my upper body feels like I got hit with a hammer