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Discrepancies w/ Personal Trainer Advice


From the adamant use of BOSU balls to saying that full squats are bad for the knees. I've seen many, if not most personal trainers adhere to approaches such as these. If what they are founding their training philosophy on is based on faulty science, how come it is the 'standard' when it comes to training most people?


Dude, just stop paying attention to people who aren't making progress, and aren't training anyone who is...

Your life will become infinitely better, and you'll have more free time to do productive shit rather than worry about this stupid stuff.


I think it's a valid question in terms of learning how to decipher useful information from the bullshit. I didn't say that I paid attention to those people in any sort of obsessive or counterproductive manner.

There are certain regulations needed to become a certified trainer, so why is that regulation, in many cases, based on outdated or even contradictory evidence? It just doesn't make sense to me.


I would take solace in the fact that because you are asking these questions, it is a safe bet you have a decent filter.

I didn't mean to imply that, my B.

Makes about as much sense as Washington does right now, and they keep doing stupid shit too... It just is what it is.


bad interpretation of bad science.

stupid people are stupid.

when you can't squat below parallel it is so much easier to knock those that do than to put in the time and effort and research how one can develop that ability oneself.

there are lots of rituals tied up with minimizing risk from a being sued perspective. unfortunately still dumb interpretation of dumb science.

most people are stupid. heh. thats what i've learned.