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Discovery Channel Shows


I haven't watched tv in years, but when I stayed at my folks for a bit I watched the discovery channel. They got a few real good shows that got my attention. Just wanted to post these to see if anyone else seen them or if not, I suggest you check them out.

American Chopper,
MythBusters and
Dirty jobs.


American Chopper is more sitcom than anything now. Mythbusters is one of the greatest shows ever though. I have watched the first two I Shouldn't Be Alive, that is an interesting hour of tv to say the least.


Dirty Jobs is a great show. The host is hilarious.


monster garage

american hotrod

dirty jobs is damn interesting

anything with jesse james, motorcycle manias...

I've gotten pretty sick of the American Chopper show though...They've just become cartoon characters.

the shows about Lance Armstrong were pretty good too.



Because blowing things up never goes out of style...


actually, "I shouldn't be alive" true stories of survival is one well worth watching. fridays


I must say i'm more of a fan of the History Channel...but Mythbusters is defintiely a bad ass Show


That's been mentioned a few times, I'll have to check it out.