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Discovering America


I guess this is more political history than anything else, but its an interesting diversion.

While Columbus was circling the Caribean an English explorer named John Cabot may well have landed on America, planted a flag, claimed it for England, then noticed a smouldering fire, at which point he realised there were natives so he rushed back to his ship. He too was looking for Japan, but discovered this deserted coast.

One of the key investors in his voyage was Bristol customs officer Richard Amerike (pronounced 'Americ'). It calls into doubt America being named after Amerigo Vespucci for this one little quirk: where Amerike is buried in Bristol his coat of arms, to this day, displays white stars on a red background, with blue and white stripes just below.


Don't tell me we're going to need a do-over...


Was he a T-man?


Who cares. Leif landed first.....


Guess we'd better burn all the history books.

By the way, why would the guy "rush back to his ship" upon discovering there were natives about? Did he think Japan was uninhabited?


john, you are an interesting guy.

This sounds nice until you realize he set sail for America May 20th, 1497.

He did go to Iceland in 1496.

However, it was a nice little story.




I think John refers to Cabot reaching the continent of the Americas, not the islands. Columbus actually only arrived at the mainland (Nicaragua) in 1502. In fact, the discoverer of America, including the islands was, wait for it, drumroll, fanfare: Gunnbjorn!

Gunnbjorn? Gunnbjorn???

G. discovered Greenland, which is part of North America. He then told Leif's father Erik the Red who explored it and named it Greenland. (An early real estate developer)