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Discouraged with Results, Supplements?

Need the thoughts of everybody, I’ve done about 6 cycles of prohormones with proper cycle support and pct, don’t keep much of the gains and far as size but most of the strength. Right now I’m just using creatine, preworkout and a N.O. booster. I’m 34, 5’7" and 163 lbs. I eat no less than 4 ti.es a day and usually about 2 protein shakes a day. Very fast metabolism and over active thyroid according to my last blood work results. Work my ass off in the gym, just really get discouraged with lack of results. Recommendations are very welcome

Im by no means the authority on lean bulking, but how many calories a day? How much creatine?

how strong are you? you may have to change up what you doing? It’s much harder in your thirties than twenties too.

I’m pushin for 3000 that’s the goal. And creatine around 5 grams

325 deads, 275 squat, 230 bench

And also feel like I’ve hit a wall.

Forget prohormones and all that crap. Just run through a bunch of proven programs off this site as per below, especially a bunch of 5/3/1 templates -should put 100lbs on deads and squats and say 40+ on bench this time next year. Will look and feel a different man…


You may be better off asking in the pharma section.

Are you doing a set program and following its progression?

So you get mass on a cycle than lose it when you come off the gear.?

5g is usually agreed to be a good amount. Beyond that, Rez-V and ZMA are pretty good supplements that might help.

Fundamentally to gain size, you must eat more. Your body has a set point it is trying to maintain. What happens when you eat 3200 a day? 3400?

Size = excess calories
No matter what you do, you have to eat for size. Here’s a good article from Dave Tate including a story about what it took for him to add weight past a certain point. Not saying it’s healthy or anyone should do it, but you can’t escape your nutrition one way or another.


Thanks man, ill check this out

Yes, i gain anywhere from 8 to 10 pounds while on cylce then during pct it fades away.

Lately ive been following Neil Hills Y3T program. Its a pretty solid workout.

Honestly, when i eat more, im Basically shitting faster. Its a viscous cycle. Eat and eat, then lettin it go. Gainer shakes help a little but damn do they make me bloat like a fish.

8 to 10 pounds? Half of that is probably water weight. I don’t think you are eating enough to be honest. Push the calories up to 3500 or more.

Try adding periworkout nutrition based supps -perfect world get some Biotest products Like Plazma but if on budget load up on any/all of Bcaas, glutamine, karbolyn, leucine etc taken pre and mid workout

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