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Discouraged of Bench Press


Hello Jim.

I stuck on my Bench for a long time. Even I noticed regress because weight which I was doing 3 reps now I have problem to do 2, sometimes 1. I am very confused. I hated benching.

I just want to ask is that any possibility to switch Bench Press to Dips (with 5/3/1 formula) for few cycles. Maybe I just need to take off from benching, who knows.

Can you tell me is it good idea?


Giving up is a good idea? I don’t think so.

Find another way around the wall. Quitting is not the answer. And eat a ton.


Add more overhead presses. They tend to do wonders for people’s benches. Did for me. I think Jim said once in an article that he used to do 5x10 on the overhead press after his benching which brought his bench up.


What have you tried to get around it?


Which program are you actually doing?
1.4? Dogcrapp? That cut and paste? Off season powerlifting?


You probably need more practice with the lift and more of the right volume. So try FSL for the Press and the Bench Press 3-5 sets. I really think the bench press comes down to the 3 P’s: Patience, Pressing, and Pizza.

Oh and if you’re doing any of the following cut it the hell out: Jokers, testing your max(es) too often, going for rep records for every main lift every week.

This program is great because in the books Jim goes into great detail on how to bust your ass without frying it.


I’m doing Beyond from Jim art, now 1.4 (18 of 20 weeks). On every training I hit TM as it’s written.

Also I didn’t deload for 7 cycles.


[quote]-Adrian wrote:
Also I didn’t deload for 7 cycles.[/quote]

If it was me, I would:

  • Deload
  • Go back 2 cycles from the weight you stalled on
  • Remember to deload

Not sure why you would be discourged when the most likely outcome from your plan of attack is what ended up happening. There are no shortcuts to be had.



Also I didn’t deload for 7 cycles.[/quote]

You may not need the deload every cycle, but the point of the deload week is so that there doesn’t come a time for you to require a deload e.g. your current situation.