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Discouraged by My Progress

well i’m a bit discouraged by my progress, i started weight lifting in end of august/september
i’ve made some noticeable changes, but i feel my glutes and shoulders arent growing very fast
would having two days for shoulders and two days for glutes/hams help improve? in contrast to my one day for each

First of all, post your exercise routine and your diet so we can see what you’ve been doing. Info on your weight and maxes for the big lifts would also help.

You might do well on ABABAB off, upper lower split for 2 to 6 months.

You’ve been lifting for four months. The people you see online who you compare yourself to have mostly been doing it for years. Patience, young grasshopper.

However, this doesn’t mean that things can’t be improved. Could you post your routine and a few before/after stats? (weight, strength gains on squat/deadlift/bench press/shoulder press/pull ups)

As was said, you really have no reason to be discouraged. You haven’t been training long and you’ve still seen some progress. Laying out your current training routine (days, exercises, sets, and reps) and your overall progress from when you started (bodyweight then and now and strength changes) will give us a better idea of what could be going on.

[quote]DamonLafarge1 wrote:
would having two days for shoulders and two days for glutes/hams help improve? in contrast to my one day for each[/quote]
There’s no way to tell if this would be a good idea without knowing what you’re currently doing. However, trying to “specialize” or focus on shoulders and glutes/hams would not be the way to go. By definition, you can only prioritize one thing at a time. But, again, you’re still new to training and should be able to squeeze more progress from a good routine instead of jumping into a bodypart specialization just yet.

You look about average for someone who’s been at it for the amount of time you have.

In general, keep training intensity high, make sure you’re working all your muscles well(with more time spent on larger muscle groups as a rule of thumb), and EAT. Your diet doesn’t need to be 100% clean all the time, in fact you may be better off eating “clean” foods just 80-90% of the time. Sometimes, your body just needs a boost in calories above the norm. Don’t neglect the legs and back.

Thanks for the replies!
well my current diet is pretty loose, i make sure i get in a good amount of good fats,proteins and complex carbs
i roughly take in 2500 calories a day from 3 meals
my current routine is
Monday) Deadlift 6x3
Tbar Row-3x8
weighted pullups 4x5

Tuesday)Military Press 6x3
DB shoulder press 3x12
lateral raise 2x12
Facepull with rope 3x15

Thursday) Squat 6x3
Leg press 3x8
GHR)3 x failure
calf raise 2x50

Friday)Bench 6x3
Chest supported Row 3x6
Pushups 1 to failure (55 last training session)
monster mini band tricep pushdowns 100 total reps
bradford press 2x8

max bench 195
max full range squat 275
max deadlift 365
max shoulder press 155

i’m pretty lost when it comes to diet though.

Like the majority has said, it takes time.

However, the fact that you’re being proactive at an early stage will benefit you far more than others starting out now.
Do lots of reading and research to fine tune your exercises whether it be form for an individual exercise or workout plans all together.
Keep on top of your carbs and protein intake. 2500 to 3000 calories a day is right on for now. You’ll get there brotha

I have definitely seen worse routines in the beginner’s forum. Good exercise selections. You can stand to increase the volume a little on the secondary lifts and eat more.

[quote]DamonLafarge1 wrote:
i’m pretty lost when it comes to diet though.[/quote]
Are you trying to gain size or drop fat?

What’s your current height and weight?

Like Aragorn said, bumping up the volume would be the “easiest” way to boost gains. Other than the heavy strength work, 2-3 sets of two exercises isn’t much at all. You’re also doing no real arm work and almost no chest work, but your strength levels are definitely a good start.