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Discounted Meats

What time of the day do you think is the prime time to get the discounted meat at the grocery store?

Any time they have discounted meats on sale lol

I don’t think the grocery stores have a specific time of day where they sale discounted meat. Why don’t you go ask your grocery store?

I buy preseasoned meats from Albertsons in the offseason because I can get packs of pork chops and chicken two for one! They season them because the meat is about to go bad, but if you buy it and cook it right away and consume in a week your fine.

If you have questions regaurding your grocery store go ask them…how in the heck are we supposed to help? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Look for the mis-labeled shit.

I got four pounds of beef for 50 cents last week. :slight_smile:

I’ve been working in a grocery store meat department for quite some time now. Anyway we’ve got a meat service counter with thicker cuts and we try to turn that over (i.e. cut new) every morning. So needless to say we’ve got discounted meats every morning, starting around 9ish.

Needless to say this makes my protein intake slightly easier.