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Discordance Between T & Free T

I’m very new here, so please bear with me. I’m 54, always been very healthy and actively work-out, married and the father of 4.

Two months ago I had routine blood work that revealed an alarming hormone imbalance. My (total) serum testosterone was 404 ng/dL (normal, but at the low end of normal). What is alarming is my free testosterone level at 0.6 pg/mL (virtually non-existent). My doctor was concerned this was simply an error, so he ordered additional tests, done a month later, and sent to a completely different lab. The results were almost identical, with total-T at 417 ng/dL and free-T at 0.5 ng/mL. He says this just “doesn’t happen” and in his words I have “the weirdest blood” he’s ever seen.

The second tests included a few more panels. My LH is 10.6 mlU/mL (above normal high) and my FSH is 3.2 mlU/mL (normal, but at the low end). My prolactin is 9.2 ng/mL (smack dab in the middle of the normal range).

I have no real symptoms of low-T. Everything “works”, I haven’t noticed any reduction of energy, loss of hair, etc. My libido is perhaps down some (but I attribute that more to middle age).

Has anyone else ever encountered this discordance between total-T and free-T? I have read many accounts where men complain their free-T is low at 6 or 7 ng/mL. But mine is a full order of magnitude lower. In fact it’s at the low end of the normal range for a female my age.

I appreciate any insight anyone here might have.



[quote]Tim0732 wrote:
What is alarming is my free testosterone level at 06. pg/mL (virtually non-existent).

I mistyped the original post and my attempts at editing it don’t seem to work. My Free-T in the first test was 0.6 ng/mL (with the normal range being 7.2-24.0)