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Discontinued Ultimate Orange?

I took it pre-workout (old formula) all through high school, and I’ve been taking the new stuff for the last year and a half. I went to re-up and found out it’s been discontinued. They’ll only sell it as “on-the-go” packs (a la crystal light). Well I don’t trust it. Anyone have any suggestions for its replacement, or a stockpile I can buy from them :slight_smile:


Wow… 101 views and no replies. So no one has a favorite pre-workout drink? Surge Workout Fuel doesn’t look bad per se, but it looks like a blend of gatorade (electrolytes) and broken-down sugars. Ultimate Orange had caffeine and b-vitamins, as well as taurine and green tea. It may have been partially placebo, but I feel a difference in the gym now without it.


Why don’t you just try 1 tub of Surge Workout Fuel.


Well, with regard to the views but not answering: I viewed but did not answer because it would be a very standard reply already known to many.

By the way your concept of Surge Workout Fuel isn’t remotely correct. I am sure you can find threads on it where you will find accounts of what actually happens.

As to the general problem, there are two aspects really:

A) The brain being able to generate more output in terms of making the body work hard

B) The body being able to work harder before various factors limit work, whether limiting the number of reps in a set or the number of sets one can do before too much cumulative fatigue has occurred.

Dealing with A, you have Power Drive and Spike Shooter.

Dealing with B, you have Surge Workout Fuel.

Pretty sure the original UO had ephedrine in it.

The original Ultimate Orange (this was almost a decade ago!) was the shit. The new stuff wasn’t even worthy talking about.

Drink chase some Power Drive w/a Spike Shooter. Or if you don’t need that much caffeine, chase some Power Drive with a sugar-free red bull.

Thanks y’all. Much appreciated. And yes the original UO (discontinued my senior year) was the shit!