Discontinued Biotest Products

Just saw that Hot-Rox is gone from the store. Is this permanent? And what about the sleep aid supplement? Z something? That’s actually what I came on here looking for.
There seems to be more lines dropping than being introduced. Not that a new supplement is needed all the time, but odd to see decades long staples gone.

Hot-Rox has been discontinued, as has Z-12. We ran “last chance” sales a few weeks back. New stuff is on the way. We spill some beans in the Behind the Scenes at Biotest thread in T Nation Plus.

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Thanks Chris. I’ll keep watching for the new stuff.

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Is Power Drive gone for good too?
The previous Brain Candy and Power Drive coexisted… perhaps the new formula makes Power Drive redundant?

I hope not. Since Power Drive was caffeine free it has been my go-to for the afternoon boost. A cup of coffee after 1 pm is enough to mess with my sleep.


Is Power Drive gone? I had it part of my auto subscriptions and just noticed I ran out?!

Power Drive has been discontinued, but we are preparing to relaunch Brain Candy in a powder stick pack for convenient use on the go.

Will the new Brain Candy be caffeine free?

@Chris_Shugart, @Mod_Phoenix

(Sorry, I don’t know who to direct these questions to.)

What’re the plans with I-Well? I got an email saying a new product would be available (from a Matthew W. - is this @Matthew_Weeldreyer? I just noticed your new username). How will the new product be different? I thought it seemed like it was a fairly “simple” supplement. Not too many ingredients.

Thanks for any info. I’m not complaining, just curious what the changes will be.

Yup, that’s me. I’m impressed by your observation, or dare I say detective skills. Yeah, let’s go with detective skills. Way cooler.

Anyway, what’s in the works is a pure Vitamin D product. One with a very cool delivery system. I can’t say more, and I may have already said too much.

In the absence of I-Well, I’d recommend the upcoming Vitamin D supplement and Micellar Curcumin.

For reference, the curcumin that was in I-Well is the same high-absorption variety found in the standalone Micellar Curcumin.


I noticed the liquid flavoring options are now only berry and lemon – is grape not coming back? Blue raspberry?

Right now, there aren’t any plans to bring back any of the other liquid flavors.

ZMA??? First the paper mags, then Grow, Tribex, hot-rox, OG cake flavor Surge come on TC and Tim

And Plazma is no more too!

ElitePro Minerals is recommended over ZMA. ElitePro provides full doses of magnesium and zinc as double-bonded glycinate and arginate chelates, which are easily absorbed and gentle on the gut. ElitePro also includes three vital minerals needed for optimal athletic performance that are not in ZMA: selenium complex and chromium and vanadium nicotinate-glycinate chelates.

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Thanks for getting back to me! I saw your email and a forum post from you at about the same time and things just clicked, haha.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but now one basically should take two supplements to make up for I-Well? Micellar Curcumin has 400mg of curcumin/serving (and practically no other ingredients), while I-Well also had 400mg of curcumin + the Vitamin D3 and a couple of other things.

I-Well is the kind of supplement that’s hard to tell if it works - ideally, you’d kinda want nothing to happen (like, not get sick). Having said that, I felt like it was helping. But now I’ll spend presumably somewhere around twice as much to take two supplements that do what I-Well did alone, right? I know some supplement ingredients have become too expensive to produce, but it doesn’t seem like ingredients are changing very much overall in this case. Is there an actual reason for the change?

I-Well has been a game changer for me. I have been on it for 4 months now, everyone else has caught the seasonal bug, not me. I really hope its just being reformulated and not gone forever like my beloved Z-12, RIP.


So,seems like the store is empty and we’re being forced to go Amazon. Are they getting all the stock first? when can we expect things to get back to normal

It sounds like you can’t. They won’t be selling it anymore.

For I-Well fans, I can share a little bit of info:

Biotest is such a huge fan of Beta-1, 3-glucan that they are actually working on another product already that will focus heavily on this.