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Discipline / Mastery

This is a little story about focus.

I recently started working as a production assitant (codename for everyones bitch). My hours were long sometimes up to 16 to 20 hr days. All around me was cattered food, breakfast-Lunch, Dinner, plus at all times there is a full craft service table, snack, snack, snackies. They even sent me off to get Krispy Kreme 12 dozen boxes. In all my weeks of working this job I never ever gave in once, in fact I carried a backpack full of food, I had two grows prepared in one container, a ton of chicken breasts , yams, apples, every night I would get home exhausted and cook! This was the most demanding schedule I have ever worked, I never missed a meal or workout. I would go to the 24 hr gym, early in the morning or late at night , and In fact I got stronger and bigger. I really noticed ZMA helping alott , because of my constant stress.
To all that bitch that they cant do it, Get some discipline!!! Watching all those fat asses eat I laugh under my breath!!!

Greetings Husker!! Just wanted to commend you on your dedication and follow though. There’s nothing more annoying or more of a waste than some can’t c*** no load who can quote you the rate coding info on muscles in your pinky or color of Poliquin’s gym socks, and yet when comes time to do the work and put up some numbers they whine like kittens in the rain! The world would be a better place if there were more people like you who actually put their money where their mouth is. Great Job!!

I’ll second that motion!

Congratulations, Husker. Your story reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “We only truly know something when we act accordingly.”

Amen!! I always enjoy that fat asses in my company talking about diets!! This is especially fun as you know they don’t have what it takes to get in shape! It’s amazing at all the “treats” floating around where I work and the idiots that just can’t stop eating them. Enjoy watching everyone slobber around in their fat . . . I sure as hell do!

Way to go Bro! Anything is possible,if you want uit bad enough