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DiSC Personality Profile

Just curious if anyone has completed a DiSC test, what you profile was, and what you thought.

In case you don’t know DiSC is a similar to Myers Briggs - a personality/behavioural test.

I did the test at work as part of a new group that I will be working with, kind of a ice breaker/team building exercise.

I am a developer or a high D and thought that the results were amazingly accurate. Sadly, most people in the group are S and C, so I dont know if we are going to actual get anything accomplished. However, I am trying not to get too caried away with this, shit sometimes you can read a horoscope and think it is right on as well.

I wonder if this links at all to Charles element article…fire would be D and so on.

I would guess that Shugs is a high D with a little C in him. TC is more difficult, I would think he is I with a little D in him. GetLifted is high C and ProteinPowda is high S. Of course this is all in good fun and I am just guessing. What do you think?