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Disc Golf

I was just wondering if any of you guys enjoy disc golfing. I used to play every now and then a couple of years ago. About 3 months ago I bought some new discs and started playing again and have drastically improved my driving and putting skills. I am currently playing about three days a week 27 holes per day. Tomorrow I will be entering my first tournament and am pretty excited about it. I highly reccommend this sport to anyone who enjoys being outside and walking through parks and woods.

here in denver, we call it frolf, and i love it. in the summer, i probably play close to 81 holes a week. i try to go every day and play at least nine. man i love it. its so addicting, because once you get good, you dont want to stop.

I used to eat, sleep, and breathe disc golf. Every weekend my dad and I would drive an hour out to La Mirada to go play at their course. Its a blast to play. I wasnt too bad then either, and that was when I was in 6th grade I think. I wonder how far I could throw now, seeing as Im a junior in college. But yeah, I would reccommend it to anyone.

My freshman year in college, I played almost every day. There was a fun course in Davis, CA. But now, there is nowhere to play, so I haven’t played in years, but it is a great game.

The tournament was a lot of fun today. They had a hole in one contest afterwards for a 24 dollar prize and I won it and I won a putter for a “closest to the pin” shot in the first round. All in all it was a lot of fun and I got to meet and watch a lot of great pro and pro-am players I highly recommend getting involved in a league or at least hitting up a few tournaments in your area for anyone who enjoys disc golfing.

Some friends and I started playing last year, and now we play almost every weekend at a local course. We’ve also traveled to other places to play their courses as well. I hated the game at first, as I totally sucked at it. Eventually, I bought my own discs and learned a better way of throwing that has improved my game big time. We usually have a great time playing and only wish the days weren’t so short so we could play more now that the weather is cooler. But have you noticed how many hippies play? Our disc golf course is always loaded with barefoot hippies who don’t bathe and are so serious about the game that they carry a whole slew of drivers and putters and a golf bag! Ha!

I have not played, nor do I really have an interest in it. I just want to turn my border collie loose on a course (frisbees are his crack) and watch him freak out. :slight_smile:

Hold on! I carry a whole slew of discs and putters in a bag, with a towel. But I am not a hippie and although sometimes after playing a few rounds I don’t smell quite so fresh I do still bathe frequently :slight_smile:

What is Disc Golf, never heard of it? I love normal golf.

LOL! You’re a true disc golf enthusiast carrying around all your discs in your little bag. You damn hippie! LOL!

MS, disc golf is similar to golf (you play 18 holes and have to shoot depending on the par of each basket). The difference is that you are using small, hard discs that can travel very far. You toss them like a frisbee and aim for a basket. Your goal is to shoot them in a basket. They have various “drivers” that have different flight characteristics. They also have various mid-range and putters as you get closer to the basket. Check out this site for disc information: www.innovadiscs.com/ catalog/catalog.html

I totally hate golf, but disc golf is actually fun.

These ain’t your regular frisbees. If your dogs gets nailed by one of these thick discs, he may not be running back to you.

I've only got 3 discs - my driver, medium range disc and putter. And to the unbelievers out there: YES, it makes a difference.

LOL at the hippy jokes. Where I played in Davis, there was ALWAYS 5 or 6 guys out there drinking beer and throwing the discs around. And these were always the exact same guys.

You need to meet my dog.


p.s. My dog has a ton of broken teeth from "playing fetch". He takes it to another level.