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Disc Golf Program Advice - Explosive, Flexible, Rotational

Hey There!

I’ve just picked up disc golf and want to get a program together to tailor towards the sport. Currently, I like 3x/week lifting, and 2-3x/week yoga/conditioning/other. From my research, the key attributes are Explosiveness, Flexibility/Elasticity, and Rotational strength, not necessarily in that order. It’s less about overall power, and more about timing and acceleration.

I’m trying to put together a program but am not entirely sure how to sequence the exercises or set them up throughout the week. I’m uncertain as to if I should be splitting the strength day, and doing strength + rotation or explosiveness on each lifting day. Below is what I’ve got so far, and would greatly appreciate any tips or rearrangement you might be able to suggest! Thanks!

Monday - Conditioning & Flexibility.

  • 30 Min bike, 10 steady, 10 sprint (30s on/30s rest), 10 steady.
  • 20-30 min Yoga

Tuesday - Strength

  • DB RDL - 3 x 12
  • Back Squat - 4x8
  • Chin up variant - 4 x 8/failure
  • DB Chest Press - 3 x 8-10
  • Arnold Press - 3 x 8 - 10
  • Curl Variant - 3 x 10-12 superset with TRX Tricep Extension

Wednesday - Conditioning & Flexibility.

  • 30 Min bike, 10 steady, 10 sprint, 10 steady.
  • 20-30 min Yoga
  • 30 - 45 min Swim

Thursday & Saturday or Sunday - Here’s where I get lost. Repeat of Strength day, or, Explosiveness/Rotational Day

  • Here is where I want to incorporate a few more complex exercises and/or core work but am unsure how to program them in. This is just a brain dump of the exercises I’m considering:
    • Hang/Power Clean
    • DB Snatch
    • Turkish Get Up
    • One Arm DB row with Twist
    • Plank Shoulder touches
    • Hanging Knee Circles
    • Wood choppers
    • Underhanded/Side Med Ball Slams against wall
    • Russian Twist
    • Standing Landmine Russian Twist
    • Walking Lunge with Twist
    • Any kettlebell suggestions welcome

Friday – Rest or Yoga

Saturday or Sunday – Second lifting/explosive/rotational day

Other of Saturday or Sunday – Rest

I’d just train normally, but select a few variations that may carryover.

-1-arm rotational cable row
-Pallof press + variations with a twist
-Rotational med ball throws

Discgolfer here, played for years. To be honest, just playing as much as you can will do the trick. The best in the world are pretty scrawny. I would just train normal as @baumbodies recommended

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Thanks, I definitely notice that, which makes me think that there must be an edge to get by being a lifter too! But, maybe not.

Putting a bunch will bring your game up the fastest. I used to play about 5-10 games a week.

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So I hear! Thanks for the comment. Have a basket in the basement I’ve been on every day! Will be moving outside as soon as the daylight comes back in the evenings.

Getting better at putting, and mid-range is huge. If you can make you putts a few feet shorter, and hit a really high percentage of your putts, you will likely destroy the guy who can throw it another 30 ft than you, but sucks at mid-range and putting. A lot of courses do not require that many long drives anyways.