Disappointed Plazma is Subscription Only Now

This is an unpleasant change.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it has to do with increasing production cost. Casien has always been expensive, and its likely to risky right now to throw down what is required for a run of production without knowing that its going to sell.

Its a business, not a betting table.


  1. It costs less.
  2. Is more convenient.
  3. Takes no more time to order.
  4. Provides order assurance.
  5. Puts the control in the consumer’s hand.
  6. Helps us plan inventory.

Plazma’s ingredients are difficult to source and require advanced manufacturing lead times – the casein hydrolysate originates from Sweden and highly branched cyclic dextrin from Japan. The entire process is complex and costly. Making it subscription-only streamlines production and offers the best consumer value.

Our customer service is already unparalleled. But our Loyal-T Club service is nothing less than lavish. We want to reward them, and we’re planning more subscription-only products.


A well known (and awesome) person (Jared…ahem :smiley) at Biotest informed me that sourcing the casein hydrolysate is indeed difficult especially with the supply chain transportation costs, etc that almost all industries are currently experiencing.

I’m just thankful Biotest is prioritizing Plazma versus Mag-10 at this time (i.e. ensuring that what casein hydrolysate can be received gets pushed to making more Plazma versus Mag-10) though I am hopeful that when the supply chain issues clear up that Mag-10 would become available again.

Just a note: I have tried Surge Workout Fuel and I have to disagree with CT unfortunately. Surge Workout Fuel is NOT better than Plazma…no way, LOL. I greatly respect CT’s opinions on many things…but dude…not this time. : ) Plazma (for me) is still the KING. No question. I really hope Biotest doesn’t phase Plazma out in lieu of promoting Surge Workout Fuel.


Because I don’t want to have a subscription I need to keep track of and manage. I want to order it when I need it and now I can’t do that. I get why you are doing this – the business reasons make sense to me – I’m just telling you as a customer who has spent quite a bit of money with Biotest over a long period of time I’m disappointed I can no longer buy Plazma when I want to buy it.


We will only phase out Plazma if customers stop buying it.

Totally understand.

Plazma lovers out there (like me): you heard the man! : )

I formulated both and evaluated their effects extensively. As a pre/intra-workout supplement, my analysis shows Surge Workout Fuel beats Plazma. I’d have to adjust Plazma’s formula to approach Surge WOF.

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But you can buy Plazma whenever you want it. The logic works. You can pause your subscription and start it at any time. You could buy Plazma every day if you wanted to do that. The only issue is, the customers who haven’t paused their subscriptions will have allocated inventory.

Here is where I have to say its probably differences in physiology that dictates whether “more of this, less of that” works from one individual over the other. Surge Workout Fuel was NOT bad, that is not what I am implying. But I AM saying for me, going by anecdotal evidence with a population of 1 (me) that the combination of carbs and easily digested proteins with a sprinkling (I know its more than a sprinkling) of betaine, etc works better for me than increased amounts of non-protein/non-carb substrates.

What I could do as a possible best of all worlds in the future IF Plazma is discontinued for understandable business considerations, is combine Surge Workout Fuel with my own casein hydrolysate (peptopro probably) and extra HBCD raws. Yeah, it would be more expensive than Plazma as raws are not cheap these days, but it is doable.

Plazma simply makes things so much more convenient obviously for what I’m looking for, which in not just training performance but also (more importantly for me at my age), training recovery.

Yes, you’re right. But only if I desire to manage a subscription. Which I don’t. But, I like Plazma enough and it is superior enough to Surge Workout Fuel in my experience that I’m going to try the subscription model out. Even though I don’t like it.

As a Swede I have recently heard that our extensive inflation rate makes the swedish currency of less value to foreign customers. This would therefore hypothetically benefit Biotest considering the hydrolyzed casein is manufactured and sold from Sweden.

I do understand that logistics may be another issue. Swedes are notoriously famous for our bureaucracy.

No need to hypothesize. The reality is, the price has gone up. Shipping cost is a significant factor. ZIM Integrated Shipping, for example, made so much money they paid a $17.00 per share dividend in March.

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Read with interest. Seems that you want 2 lines of customers. People who buy every 30 days. And everyone else. :roll_eyes: