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Disappearing Music on iPhone?!

So I downloaded some new gym tunes (Dio) this morning and as I’m midway through my workout the music stops, and I find all tracks gone from my phone. The iTunes Store app lists that I’ve downloaded (purchased it) but it’s nowhere on my phone and I don’t have the option to redownload it. Wtf?!


I would be call them.

Got someone on customer service chat. He managed to “unhide” my album, but couldn’t tell me why it vanished while I was listening to it on wireless headphones with my phone in my bag (so no chance of my accidentally erasing it). I’m surprised the guys doing tech support seem to have even less knowledge of their product than I do.


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It is my understanding that purchases from platforms like itunes are “pushed” to your device and can be “pulled” just as easily. I’ve worked with similar technology in the workplace on “thin clients”.

I’m not sure if that’s what happened with your device, but the technology most certainly exists for Apple to remove the files.

Several years ago there was an issue with Amazon Kindles that was in the news.


My wife worked as management for the company that represents a good portion of Apples tech support.

Aside from minimal subject matter training, they aren’t necessarily skilled or adept with technical services or support.

They’re pretty much who ever showed up the day that they were hiring for that program.

Which model do you have? Did you do a recent update?