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disallowed deads

Has anyone here that trains at a 24 hour fitness ever been told not to do deads before.I was told that today because it was making too much noise and there were complaints.I was wondering if they can make you stop something like that and I can’t find a copy of my enrollment agreement.The hell of it is I have been lifting there for almost a year at this location and this is the first time I’ve been told this.Oh well, as my German immigrated great grandma used to say this gives me the piss offs.

One time I was over in US trainign with my mate at a 2 hour fitness, i saw a sign saying no deadlifts and I just burst out lauging, maybe they should just replace everything in there with a whole lot of “total gyms”. At the highest incline you are lifting an amazing 70% of your bodyweight you know!!

That sucks. I hope your not in Portland. I would hate to hate to have to start looking for a new gym.

tell them to go fuck themselves, and that youll stop deadlifting when they pry the cold iron from youre death grip…but seriously, if you cant dead id get my membership dues back, or talk to someone about getting a mat in there.

Thats some pussy shit. I trained at a 24 hour fitness while i was in Houston this summer. And every week i did deads w/ 5 wheels and nobody said anything to me. They did have a stage at this particular 24 though, and that of course is where i did 'em. It was also kinda far back from the desk, so shit, maybe nobody ever saw me. Either way bro, do deadlifts, fight the bodyforlife system.

I work out at 24 hour fitness and do them all the time no one ever said to “stop.”

That’s the worst thing I can think of. Those kinds of gyms suck big time. Dave Tate wrote an article about deadlifting and he mentioned something like this happening to him. I say keep doing them. And use a lot of chalk too.

how are you exactly making noise? is it your yelling or the weights banging the floor? If it’s the weights try to put padding underneath were the weight drops, if the gym does not have, then tell them they need to get some because all gyms should have. Now if you are yelling too much and drawing too much attention, then maybe you can try to channel your energy in a different manner. I heard and want to try that mouth-piece idea which allows you to channel strength more efficiently. I used to have one for sparring. laters pk

I have been kicked out of two gyms for being too noisy while doing deads. I guess it probably did not help that when they warned me, the next set I would do a single with 5 plates a side then drop it from waste high. I hate the pussy night club gyms!

Do read that agreement. Also, it may be only the pests who are there at a given time. Can you lift earlier or later?

take the bar, and some weights out to the cardio room where a personal trainer is guiding some soccer mom through a nice cardio session. (try to do it when the gym is busiest.) bring lots of chalk, do your deads, screaming ever rep, and make sure your shins are bleeding. as your walking away, smack the soccer mom on the ass.

Reply “ok.” and then proceed to do your next set.

Our 24 Hour Fitness, since it useto be a Golds Gym, has a platform - where we perform our deads. Sometimes there’s these chickee-gals doin’ wee leglifts and other nonsense RIGHT behind the platform (there’s a railing there that leads to the EXIT door). SO, if this is during a deadlift session (and usually is), I purposely drop the weight with a extra bit of “THUD” (not like I can’t help it anyways, since it is kinda heavy…).

Works all the time, the chickee-gals move someplace else. hee hee

I never had a problem with deads when I was training at 24 Hour Fitness. But I have sold gym memberships in the past and the contracts usually have some clause buried in there stating that you have to do whatever the floor trainer tells you to do or you can lose your membership. I’m not saying that you have to get in line, I am just guessing that they probably have some BS clause in the contract that covers their asses.

I dumped my 24hour membership because of this, and that horrid Brittney Spears music. The membership was almost worth keeping, just because there were always enough guys at the b-ball court to get a good game going.

There was a platform for the deads, but when I was doing some snatches, the floor dude came over and told me I can’t do 'em. So I went to another 24 hour closer to my house… which had a sign that said no deadlifts. I said f*ck it, and joined a gym/boxing club.

“when they warned me, the next set I would do a single with 5 plates a side then drop it from waste high.”


Formerly John.I am in the Houston area and the one you were at is probably the one on dairy ashford.I was told that it is the only one with a platform and I could go lift there, but I have single club membership only.Also from where I live it is around 35 minutes to that location with no traffic, nearly an hour with traffic.So I figure screw it, I’ll just grin and bear it til february, because I talked the little woman into letting me take the left over tax refund money and turning the garage into a home gym the way I would like.

Hey guys…question:

When you’ve seen Deads “banned”…was it a noise issue…a “worry about litigation” issue (in the U.S., that is VERY real)…or some combination?

I know that I can get a little “irritated” sometimes by a lot of yelling, screaming and dropping of weights (not enough to “ban” someone though…).

By the way…for the “screamers”…I’ve seen some HARDCORE guys push a LOT of Iron, with no more that a grimace and a grunt…

Amen, Mufasa (on your last point)! It’s like one time, on chest day, we were performing incline DB presses and so was some guy on another bench next to us. He was using 60lb DBs’ and making “bloody murder” grunts while doing so…after he set the 60s’ back in the rack, I picked them up, and performed my set, quietly, of 6-reps. I looked over at this guy, like, “and your problem was?” when I was done.

However, this deadlifting issue is kinda stupid. Gyms are filled with TONS of equipment as well as trainees who know absolutely nothing of what they're doing. Injuries can occur anywhere in the gym. If anything, the contract you sign when joining the gym, probably has some clause which eliminates the gym/club from any liability if you were to incur an injury on the floor (be it from a plate dropping, or you hurting yourself on a piece of equipment).

But if this guy was screaming at the top of his lungs while performing the deads, yeah, that can be very annoying. It would bug me, too. I hate guys that scream, grunt, whatever during their workouts - especially when there's no reason for them to be doin' that. I've never had to, ever.

my gym has a “advanced training area” aka dumbells, benches and barbells (also 1 power rack and 1 cage, as well as a smith machine and vaious other “hardcore” immplements) anywho there is a sign that says “no olympic lifts” I hope that they don’t consider deadlifts and squats olympic heh… though I’ve been doin em for a while and no one said nothin, course at my gym I rarely see any staff (except the occasional trainer) go to the “advanced training” area. Its neat because its kinda secluded (away from treadmills and other machines) so no one can really complain about us there.

As far as the screams… one time I there was this lil group of doods, and they were all like “woo” all the time. It was annoying, but I cranked up the volume on my nomad. Still they were “woo” in between sets for no apparent reaseon except for “lookit me! I’m wooing! lookit!”. Also during lifts they were all grunting and stuff. Now another time there was a dood there… I don’t know if he was special or what not. But the dood would make this really annoying sound it was like “neeeeeeneenenenene” whenever he would lift something. So naturally I was near this guy and I was like: damn whole gym is going to think I"m doing the noises, which then makes me laugh, which makes the other people around me laugh, so eventually the whole “hardcore area” is trying to stifle laughter. fun times